Tuesday, November 30, 2021

One month down


Our next stop was Smokehouse Bay at Marco Island. It's also one of our many favorit places to visit.

And they have a Starbucks!!!

We got caught up with the dock master, Joe, visited the local Starbucks, Publix, West Marine, Winn Dixie and CJs on the Bay.

We also met up with sailing friends Duane and Jenn on s/v Proper Tease.

Normally CJs has live music on Thursdays, but it was rainy yesterday so they canceled the music. We had a bite to eat and a drink with Jenn and Duane
Then we took off Friday evening for an overnight sail to Boot Key Harbor in Marathon.

The overnight sail was good and we arrived in Boot Key Harbor about 9:30 Saturday morning. We checked in, took showers and Jimi napped to catch up on sleep.
It’s good to be back.

Only a few days in we were able to get our car.
Then we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a massive potluck meal in the day room of the marina. 127 people attended.

We explored Boot Key with Jenn and Duane walking about 5 miles that day.

Jimi and I hopped in the car and scoped out some place to take our upcoming visitors.

To finish off the month we drove down to our old stompin grounds, Key West and ate at the Cuban Coffee Queen, then walked the old neighborhood.
It was a fantastic evening.


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  2. Hi Lorie and Jimmy,
    Just wanted to thank you again for Happy Hour send off the night before I headed back home.
    It was great to make your acquaintance and hang out.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay.
    Dig your blog BTW.
    Robert (Cybele)