Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's been happening?


Good morning all,


Another week gone by - time is really flying for me now.


My classes began last Tuesday. This semester is going to be the death of me, and if I finish it with A's it will be a miracle. It's only been one week and I am already feeling the pressure. Of course some of that may be the overwhelming feeling of trying to figure out what I am suppose to do and when, as well as all the other crud I have going on that you will read about.


I told the kids about Simba when we got home on Tuesday. They both cried of course. Daniel went to his room and stayed there most of the night. We were on and off the phone with Jim all evening too.


Wednesday night we went to a Mr. Trojan contest at the high school. It was hillarious. Jesse and Shotgun, who are the morning radio show hosts that we listen to every morning were the judges. It was neat to see them in person.


Thursday night was homework!!!


Friday night, Jimi brought a movie over, and I ordered pizza. We watched the new Will Smith movie "I Am Legend". Jimi and I saw it previously in the theaters, but the kids had not seen it. It is a great movie. I think it is one of our favorites now.


Saturday morning, Daniel, Jimi, and I went snowboarding. We stayed ALL day. We did about 5 runs together and I was doing very badly and felt like I was holding them up, so I talked them in to going on their own and I would board alone. I did another 7 runs still sucking at it, so I quit and went to the car. I slept for about two hours until the boys showed up. Jimi said they went to the back side of the mountain and got lost. They had been hiking for a while trying to find their way back. He was serious when he told me that they were worried. "That was stupid" were his exact words. Then he said I scared the crap out of him, because they couldn't find me on the mountain. They saw some snowmobiles racing to an injured victim and he thought it was me. I felt bad, but didn't know where else to wait.

That evening I did homework and the boys played guitar hero.


Earlier in the week Jim Sullivan had decided and made arrangements to move to Arizona. On Sunday, the kids and I went to Wheatland Wyoming to help Jim load his UHaul. Of course Jim didn't have anything packed. It took us ALL day. I had hoped to be home by 6pm, but 8pm at the latest. We didn't even leave Wheatland until 10pm and arrived home at 12am. I had about 3 hours of homework due on Monday, payroll for Cencorp to process, a very messy house, and sorority at my house on Monday night. Yes that = stress.



On Monday we all three played hooky. We were exhausted and I really didn't have a choice with all the stuff I had to do. I was up to midnight doing Cencorp's payroll and today I really do feel ill. 


Anyhow, that was our week. And tonight is homework, homework, homework. Oh ya and our month end started yesterday at work - so I'm busy here too and can't even work on homework at work this week - bummer!



Love ya,


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