Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A lot going on this weekend


Good Morning,


Well I feel like I have a lot to report this week. I was going to wait until Wednesday, but decided that if I really have that much to say, more frequent shorter emails might be better.


Daniel was finally able to start school Wednesday morning. Thank God!!! It took us a week and a half to get him enrolled in Longmont High because of all the paperwork,etc.


We picked Jimi up from the airport last Wednesday evening. We were all excited to have him back home. And as usual he brought us lots of gifts. He brought Daniel 2 belts, a NY ballcap, and a Samari sword. I was given a real Coach purse (with a seriel number) and a Japanese scroll wall hanging which reads "My Love". At least that's what Jimi told me it says. And Jennifer received a CoCo Chanel purse. We took Jimi to his house and went home but then he suprised me and came over to spend the night. However, somewhere between 1am and 3am he went to the couch. There are times that he just doesn't sleep well at my house. Neither one of us can figure it out. We've switched beds, he only uses a sleeping bag like at his house, and my house is cold like his is - so we don't know what else is different. Oh well........


Thursday afternoon, Daniel had his first official appointment with his probation officer. It went very well. We have to meet with her once a month.


Firday Daniel had an appointment with the court house in Wheatland, so I only worked 2 hours in the morning then it was off to Wyoming. Jim S didn't go to the appointment, but it went very well. And then Daniel stayed the weekend with his dad.


Jimi and I had a "date night" planned for Firday night at his house. We were going to cook supper together, eat by candlelight, hot tub or bathtub, a little dancing to soft music, and then a movie - but Jennifer's plans fell through and was at the house with us the whole evening. So we still did all those things, but only with Jenn. Jimi had bought me flowers before he found out that Jenn would be there, and he gave those to me. This time it was 6 long stem red roses - he is such a sweetheart. One day last October I came home from an apointment in Greeley and on my kitchen table were 14 long stem red roses with a card that read "My life was just fine until you came along..........and made it wonderful" "I Love You, Jimi". That guy really knows the path straight to my heart. Although I would love him even if he didn't do these things for me - well I have since the day I met him. It was love at first sight for me!!!


Saturday morning, we went to the IMAX theatre (Jennifer stayed home, cuz she didn't want to go), and then we went to lunch at the Bump n Grind. It was great. The guys were dressed in drag. One guy lifted up his dress and began rubbing his butt on Jimi's shoulder. It was hillarious. Next the plan was for Jennifer and I to go home for 4 hours or so. She needed to come back to town and I would stay at Jimis again. While at home Jennifer and I got in a big arguement. As soon as she said "Fuck you Mom" I told her that I wasn't taking her anywhere. She called her friends and they came and got her. I broke down after she left crying etc. I called Jimi and talked to him for a while and then called Melody. An hour or so later Jimi showed up at my house to stay with me. That night Jimi slept all night like a rock - I don't know why or what the difference was. Sometimes he will sleep good in Mead, but most of the time he does not. Go figure.


Sunday, we went bowling with Mike and Miia and then back to my house where we played on our computers, watched tv, and then played Guitar Hero for a while. He finally went home around 3:30. I cleaned Cencorp, picked Jennifer up and back home for the evening. Daniel called and said he would stay in Wyoming until Monday, since it was snowing heavily and there is no school on Monday. I also worked a couple of hours on my quilt - yes, I am making myself a quilt. And I made three scrapbook pages. I like being diverse and getting things done.


Other things in the works:

We've been planning a family vacation for Aug 08 since last summer, but had not decided on where yet. This weekend we all agreed on Hawaii. So, as long as I can swing the cost of 3/4 of the trip, we are going to Hawaii for 7 nights and 8 days in August. We talked about lots of places and for a long time and Mexico was our tentative destination, but when I suggested Hawaii everyone raved. 

I bought my plane ticket to go to Tennessee on March 13th. I am going to visit Tammy Leninsky (Mercer) for a few days.  I am excited about going to the Grand Ole Opry Show. And seeing Nashville.

Melody and I are meeting for lunch today. I have an ECC meeting tonight, and tomorrow school starts. Anyhow, as always more later.


Love, Lorie

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