Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm giving up on getting well :-)


Hello all,


I was hoping that the beginning of a crappy week would have a happy ending. Well, I suppose it does depending, of course on how you look at it. All is well, but I am still sick. I'm sick of being sick and to me that spells c-r-a-p-p-y.


The saying "No rest for the weary" certainly is true for me. This past week went by so fast it's as a blur.


Last Monday night was our Valentine gift exchange for sorority, but I did not go. I stayed home. I was determined to be well for Valentines Day. I took Airborne, Sudafed, and drank buckets of water around the clock.


Tuesday during lunch, I had to go to the college to take a test. Tuesday night Jennifer worked and I stayed home to rest. My rest includes curling up on the couch with a laptop and mountains of college books. Nevertheless, I was at home and indoors. I had to pick Jennifer up from work about 10:30.


Wednesday morning, I felt pretty darn good and was 90% back to normal. I took the last does of my medicines and called it good. However, by Wednesday night I was a wreck. Jennifer worked again and Daniel and I had a zillion errands to run; one of which was buying more Airborne and Sudafed. We stopped in and had a Chai Tea with the crochet ladies, but we were late, so I did not crochet. We only stayed about half an hour. We then went to Kay's house, where we made Jimi an awesome Valentine present (picture attached). We made a fruit bouquet. We baked chocolate chip cookies on sticks, put grapes on sticks, and strawberries on sticks either plain, dipped in chocolate, dipped in chocolate with pink coconut, or dipped in chocolate with chopped nuts. It turned out fantastic. Once that was done, I had to take it to my other girlfriend, Viktoria. Viktoria's husband, Mike, delivered it for me Thursday morning. Jimi was very surprised, well especially since I told Mike to go early to assure Jimi would be home - and he was still sleeping. He-he.


Thursday was just another day at work. Jimi and I had dinner reservations in Boulder at 9:30 pm (it was all we could get). The place was very nice and not too expensive. We had escargot, salmon, steak, wine, cruzan & coke, and shared a butterscotch desert. After dinner, I went straight home. It was late and I did not feel good. Jimi gave me a Starbucks gift pack, a web cam, and the most wonderful card ever. The web cam is cool.


On Friday, I was dragging at work. I snuck out about 30 minutes early, as I just couldn't take anymore. Friday night I did homework and Jimi came over again with a movie. He hooked up my web cam and we sat next to each other on the couch (playing around) watching each other on our screens. Yes, we know we are goofy! Daniel just kept shaking his head at us.


Saturday morning my girlfriend, Tammy Reasoner, I was on the phone with her for about three hours, so I got nothing done.  Anyhow, Jennifer had to work from noon until 11pm with a break between 3pm and 4:45 pm. I did not want to make a zillion trips to Longmont, so I stayed in town all day. It worked out very well. Not being at home, I was able to get an unbelievable amount of homework done. I sat on Jimi's front porch until 3pm. It's beautiful there. He has a nice little love seat out there and when the afternoon sun shines through the windows, it is quiet, warm, and relaxing. Jimi was working on his motorcycle most of the time, but did come sit with me for a bit. After Jennifer's break, we went to the coffee shop and sat. Jimi's Internet at his house was not working, and I needed it for school work. We stayed at the coffee shop (with free Internet) until 8:30pm. I was so relaxing! We went back to Jimi's house and I worked on my taxes until Jennifer called at 10:45. I picked Jenn up and we went home.


On Sunday, I was supposed to chauffeur Jimi and Daniel back country snowboarding, but the weather was too bad and the avalanche danger was too high. So instead I cleaned the house, made two scrapbook pages, did some work for Cencorp, and did all my laundry; all before Jennifer had to be at work. The other busser quit on Friday, so Jennifer's shifts have doubled. She worked Sunday night from 4 to 9pm. Again, I stayed in Longmont. I finished an essay I'd been working on and turned it in. I cleaned Cencorp and rested on the couch, including watching TV with my eyes closed. Then I picked Jennifer up and we went home.


Not much mention of Daniel this week. He has been around though and doing well. I told you earlier that his friend Jesse moved back to Mead, so he doesn't hang around with me much anymore.


I talked to Jim Sullivan over the weekend. It sounds like he is doing well. He is settled in his house, though knowing Jim, that does not mean he is unpacked. His job is going well too. He did mention being very lonely without Simba around.


Here we are back to Monday again. Today is President's day and there is no school. The kids are at home and I am at work.


Love everyone,


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