Monday, March 24, 2008

A boring week...

Good Morning All,


This past week is probably the most uneventful in a long time. This email will probably be quite boring for you to read.


As you know I got home from Tennessee last Sunday evening. It was so late when my flight got in that we stayed in Longmont Sunday night. Monday morning I took the kids to school and went on to work. After work I had an ECC meeting for sorority. So, even though I arrived back in Colorado Sunday night, I didn't get home until Monday night. I was pretty wiped out.


Jennifer worked on Tuesday evening, I stayed at home: unpacked, did laundry, and vegged. Daniel hung out with his best friend, Jesse.


Wednesday was again our normal routine. Work/school and then crochet.


Thursday was more of the same: work/school and an evening at home.


The kids went with friends after school everyday, so I didn't see Jimi at all the whole week. Well, four days anyhow, but because I was out of town for four days also, it really was a whole week minus a few hours (when he picked me up from the airport. We didn't even talk on the phone during this time and I don't know why. Oh well - no worries.


Jennifer worked Friday evening and I started scrap booking my Tennessee trip. Jimi came over about 8pm and then went with me to pick Jennifer up from work at 10pm. Two of Daniel's friends stayed the night Friday night.


Saturday we took Daniel and his two friends to the Longmont skate park and then we took the three dogs to the Boulder foothills for a hike. I sure do like hiking in the mountains. Molly and Razor like it too. They have no problems climbing the rocks, etc. Saturday night Jennifer was working, so we went to eat dinner there.

I don't think I mentioned, but about a week ago, Jennifer gave her two week notice at work. The owner's wife is a real piece of work and Jennifer decided she didn't want to be apart of it anymore. Anyhow, the manager told Jennifer half way through her shift on Saturday that she wasn't needed anymore. Her notice meant she should have worked this week as well, but won't be now. Jenn is a little disappointed that she is not working this week because her final check will be short, but she is also relieved not to be there anymore. I am relieved because I can get back on my sleeping schedule of going to bed before 10pm every night. Yeah


Sunday morning I cooked breakfast and then the four of us went above Nederland, CO so Daniel and Jimi could do a back country snowboard run. Jenn and I dropped them off at the top of the hill and we drove to pick them up at the bottom. Afterward we had, what we called, our Easter dinner at Carino's Italian Restaurant. Then we dropped Jimi off at his house and went home. It was about 5pm. Rest of the evening, I tried to motivate my self to scrapbook, do some housework, homework, or something, but I had not interest or motivation - I just felt blah.


It's Monday morning and I am blah still. I'm really trying to figure out what is going on with my ups and downs of depression spouts. Overall, things are going well for me or at least they could be a lot worse. The only thing I can think of is my job. The work is fine, but the atmosphere is awful. It's like a morgue here. I think I need to work someplace fun. I think my mind thrives on that human spirit of interaction. Anyhow, I am actively seeking other employment, but nothing has surfaced yet. In the meantime, I will hang in there.


Until next time.

Love everyone,


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