Monday, March 31, 2008

From blah to great

Hello All,


As I left things last week, I left off somewhat blah, but quickly turned my week around.


Monday afternoon I left work early to meet my friend Brenda for coffee. We visited for about and hour and a half. I then picked Daniel up and we went home. I was planning to stay home all evening doing the usual, but Jennifer really wanted me to take her to town to run some of her errands. I did and found out later that Jimi came over to surprise me, but we were not there so he left. Later that evening I processed payroll for Cencorp.


Tuesday, Jimi picked me up from work for lunch. It was a nice treat. It's unusual that I see much of him during the week other than in passing. He obviously knew how I had been feeling and was trying to cheer me up. That evening the "supermom" in me came out. I cleaned my entire house, washed, folded, and put away all the laundry and got a bunch of homework done. It felt good to get a bunch of things done.


Wednesday, I left work early again. Daniel had an appointment with his probation officer in Greeley. It went very well. She is still pleased with Daniel's progress. She was finally able to get him enrolled in a petty theft class, which will be on May 7th. As long as he can get the rest of his court costs paid and continues to stay out of trouble, he should be off probation around the beginning of June. He goes to court on April 30, because the Judge wants to see him. We went home for a bit after that before we headed to Longmont for crochet. I picked Jennifer up from Ray's house and then dropped Daniel off at the mall on the way. Daniel walked to the coffee shop when he was done at the mall. Crochet was fun as usual and I got a another row and a half done on my afghan. He-he. I think I have done a total of 20 rows and only have 85 to go. At this rate, there is hope it will be done by next Christmas. Lol!!!


Thursday was a big day for me. After work I went to the beauty shop and got my hair cut off and professionally colored. Once again it is strawberry blond, but hopefully it will last longer than a week this time. It is right at shoulder length. It was very hard for me to get it cut. I toyed with the idea for over a week. I really liked my long hair, but the only time it looked good was when I fixed it with either a curling iron or a hair straightener. I just don't want to do that everyday. This cut will work out ok, and I will probably let it grow again. Change is good once in a while. I will send a picture, as soon as I take one.


Friday was a long and boring day at work. In fact, all week was. I finished two essays at work during the week along with some other homework. I also applied for about six different jobs. Jimi had me call his mortgage broker about refinancing my house, and I got really good news from her. She sees no problem with the value of my house, my loan amount, or my credit scores to refinance. The only problem is my employment. She said they can not use income from the temp agency as income, so I must find permanent employment. We have some time though, as I can not refinance until after May 15th, because of a prepayment penalty on my current mortgage. Even if I can not get refinanced right away, my payment will still go down on June 1st, because of the market.


Jimi told me Thursday evening that he was going to the auto auction on Friday with Spartak (a good friend of ours), so he could buy us (him) another car. He told me he would feel more comfortable if we had another vehicle just in case something happened to my car or his truck. He bought a 1988 Honda Prelude. This car is immaculate and runs impeccably well. I  can hardly believe what a smoking deal he got. He paid $800.


Friday night I went the Jesters in Longmont, which is a dinner theatre. I went with Julie, Miia, Jada, and Jennifer. We had a wonderful time. The play was "Guys and Dolls". I thought it was great. I'm not sure that everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.


Saturday was awesome. In the morning I did homework. Daniel and I dropped Jennifer off at the mall and then picked Jimi up. We went to Eldora to snowboard. I took the camera and we got lots of really awesome action shots for my scrapbook. The slopes were not crowded, as well the snow and weather were perfect. I graduated from the green (easy) runs to the blue (a little harder) runs. My turns were smooth and controlled. The three of us stayed together most of the time and I was able to keep up with them, although I know they could have left me in the dust if they were really boarding. We really goofed off and just had fun. That evening, we hung out in Mead. The kids cleaned their rooms, and packed their suitcases for their trip to Arizona.


Sunday morning I worked on more homework until we had to leave for the airport at noon. The kids flew out of the Loveland/Ft Collins airport. We stopped by there to check in and then drove over to Hooters for some lunch. Their flight left at 2:40pm. I went home for rest of the day. Jimi went to his house in Longmont for a while and then came back over. We each did homework and watched Finding Nemo on DVD. Jennifer called me later that evening to tell me they arrived safely and their dad picked the up. Five days without the kids - I have been looking forward to this for a while. At first, I felt a little lonely and I'm sure there will be other days too, as I am not used to being alone, nor do I like being alone. It's not very long though. I pick them up from the airport this Friday.


My boss is back at work today. Last week he was on vacation and it was WONDERFUL. This week at work will be busy for me, so it will probably go by quickly.


Spring break is over for me and I will be back in full swing with homework this week. Hope all is well with you and I will chat with you more later.


Love Everybody,


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