Monday, March 10, 2008

What happened to last week?

Hello family & friends,


This past week was certainly busy. I was so busy that it was Friday and I still thought it was Wednesday. Actually weeks like this are good in a way - well when thinking about work.


I worked for 9 hours straight at BSC on Monday. I did not take a lunch and the only break I had lasted about 10 minutes when Jimi called me. I was extremely busy at work everyday, all week. Monday night I worked on Cencorp stuff and got almost completely caught up. I did not pick up a single school book this day.


Tuesday night I worked on school work and amazingly got a lot done. Daniel finished his driver's ed course and Jennifer had to work at the Rib House.


Wednesday started out great. The schools started late, which meant we could all sleep in. I didn't crawl out of bed until 6:37am and it felt sooo good. We left the house at 7:40, however, on our way into Longmont I hit a bad patch of ice going downhill and could in no way stop. I knew the ice was there and thought I had prepared for it. I was actually driving very slow and inching my way down the hill, but gravity won the fight. I rammed into the back of a full size Chevy truck. There was no damage to his truck, but I need a new bumper. Thank goodness my headlights were not broken. I want to tape my bumber back together with duct tape and paint it the same color as my car, but Daniel and Jimi won't let me. Jimi said he is buying a new bumper. In the meantime, Daniel shoved the lights back into place and Jimi taped everything together to hold it there. I have attached a picture.


I had a 2 hour lunch with my x-collegue & coworker, Connie, from Cencorp. And that night, the kids & I went out to dinner, as we do every Wednesday. Then we met my friends at the coffee shop for Wednesday night crochet. That is the best relaxing time, ever. I enjoy that way more than sorority, which seems like I haven't been to in a while. I had Daniel take a picture for my scrap book. Lisa was the only one not there, but I have attached the pic anyhow.


Thursday I made dinner for everyone, usually we fend for ourselves. I made chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravey. Then I tried to work on home work, but found that there was too much going on at the house and I could not concentrate. So Jimi, Daniel, and I watch MSNBC. Jennifer was in her room.


Jennifer worked on Friday night. Daniel stayed in Mead while Jimi and I were at the coffee shop working on home work. Jenn and I picked Daniel up when she got off work and we went back to Jimis. Jennifer brought home a full rack of pork ribs for us. They were sooo good. Daniel, Jimi, and I ate the whole rack and then we all went to bed.Saturday morning I stayed in bed until 11am with my laptop working on homework. Jimi made breakfast and served it to me in bed. He then entertained the kids in the livingroom for a while. We all took Jennifer to work at noon. Then we went for a long nature walk. It was very relaxing and energizing. I have lots of pictures that I will send to you later. Can you guess what we did next? Yes, all three of us headed for the coffee shop to do homework. At 5, we picked Jennifer up from work and went back to Jimi's house, cooked dinner, and watched the new movie Saw IV. Aside from the blood and torture, the plots on these movies are incredibly well done. It would be nearly impossible to understand any of them without first seeing and remembering all of them from the beginning. Jimi and I saw this movie in the theatres when it first came out, but the second time is awlays better. Jimi feels that the plot if too difficult for the average person to understand. Jimi was confused by who was who in the movies, Jennifer didn't get it and I tried explaining it to her (it didn't seem to help), and once I shed light on a few things for Jimi he got it too. Daniel never really said either way, but anyhow those are great movies. The Alien seriers were always my favorites before, but now I'd have to say it's the SAW series.


Sunday morning we got up and headed for Nederland. On the way we stopped for bagels and coffee at Einstein Bagels. We attended Nederland's "Frozen Dead Guy Days." The history is this: This guy named Bredo died in Norway in 1989 (born in 1900). In 1993, his grandson brought his body to Nederland Colorado where his mother lived and they kept his dead body on dry ice. Eventually Aud (the mother) was evicted from her house, which was under construction, for living without heat, electricity, and water. She went to the town board explaining that her father was in dry ice and she was worried he would thaw out. With the town's support, he has been there ever since, frozen. Tuff Shed donated a shed to keep him in, and an annual festival was created. A truck load of dry ice is delivered every 4 to 5 weeks costing $700 a month. Both the grandson and the daughter were deported back to Norway. Grandpa is here all alone and the people here take care of his frozen body. I am also using the experience for a culturlal project I have to do for my humanities class. I'm not sure that this is really what my instructor meant by attend a cultural event/festival and write a 5 page report/essay on it, but it is a part of Nederland's culture - so I'm going with it.


I am supposed to go to sorority tonight, but I am not going. I need to do Cencorp's payroll and prepare for my trip to Tennessee.

I have been taking pictures each week of our activities for my scrapbook. I finally looked at them last night and took them off my camera. I will select some of them to send you.


Thursday morning I fly to Tennessee to visit my friend Tammy Mercer. Actually her name is Tammy Leninsky. She got married about 5 or 6 years ago, but she will always be a Mercer to me. Just like after 18 years, my sister still calls me Lorie McInturf. Next weeks email, I will tell you all about my trip.


I trust ya'll are all doing well.


Love everyone,



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