Monday, April 7, 2008

No kids for five days - I'd like an instant replay please


Hello Everyone,


Another week gone by...and spring is coming. I know I'm ready, although warmer weather usually means more home repairs and yard work.


Last week was NICE...after I got over being alone on the first day, I was fine rest of the week. Everyday, I went to work and then went home. Monday and Tuesday nights I should have worked on homework, but didn't. I scrap booked instead. I had been up to nearly midnight both Sunday and Monday nights, so I thought I would crawl into bed early on Tuesday. It was about 9:20 and since it was so early I felt guilty putting the dogs in the crate, so I let them lay in bed with me. About 9:23 we heard someone at the front door. I was on alert, but had not freaked yet. It was, then right away, that I heard toe nails prancing across my wood floors. That sound is unmistakable. It was Miller. It took a while before I saw Jimi's face though. He didn't think I was home because the house was dark. He had gotten out of class early and decided to come over to keep me company except that he wasn't feeling good and I was tired; therefore, neither one of us were much company. It was nice being together though, since we really don't see much of each other during the week.


Wednesday, I went to crochet and then went home. Still didn't do any homework and began feeling myself fall behind.


Thursday after work I did come home and do homework. I got quite a bit done. Jimi and I met at Perkins for coffee and pie at 9pm, which is something we can't normally do when the kids are home.


Friday, I left work at 1:30 and headed for the Loveland Airport to pick Jennifer and Daniel up. They had a nice trip. Daniel is planning to spend the summer with his father, which will be good for him. Jennifer is considering moving there, which is fine with me. She didn't see much of her father during her trip, as she went with her grandma and grandpa to Phoenix for a few days. She complained to me a lot about her grandmother and I know she complained to her grandmother and her father about me. Teenage girls...Lord help me survive, please? That evening, Ray (Jenn's boyfriend) came over. They played cards and board games on the living room floor. Daniel and friend, Jesse, were in and out of the house doing what they do. Jimi and I played chess and did tequila shots. Oh ya, and I managed to squeeze in a little homework.


Saturday morning I diligently worked on homework and then Daniel, Jimi, and I went snowboarding. We dropped Jennifer off at Ray's house on the way. I didn't have as much fun as the prior week. All the lifts I normally go on were closed down, so I went on another blue lift, but it was way too hard for me. I ended up scooting down on my butt, and actually that was great. I hung out with a guy also learning like I am. He found the run to be a bit to challenging as well and also skidded down the mountain on his butt. We ended up going back to the green lifts. A few hours later Jimi and Daniel found me and we headed for home. Ray came over again that night. Jimi cooked elk steak on the grill and I made homemade mashed potatoes. It was Yummy. I did a little homework and a little scrap booking, while Jimi worked on his computer and Daniel and Jesse played Chess. Jennifer and Ray just sat around.


Sunday was very productive. I made excellent biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. Jimi and I went to the hardware store to purchase supplies to repair my back fence and gate. I needed to replace one panel and the gate. We reused as many of the old pickets as possible, but as we put up the new pickets we alternated them. That section is the coolest looking fence in town. I'll try to remember to send a picture. Then we loaded a bunch of old lumber and weeds in his truck and took them to the dump. Next it was off to his house. His friend, Juraj and wife Janna, are moving back to Colorado. Juraj moved to New York about two years ago. They are moving in with Jimi until they can find jobs and a place to live. We worked together and cleaned his house from top to bottom. We had a great time doing it. It took us about 4 hours. After, I went home to finish up last minute homework assignments, cleaned my house a bit, and did some laundry. Daniel and I sat in the hot tub. I was completely beat.


This week looks pretty full. Janna and Juraj should arrive today sometime. I have a goal to have my fence completely repaired by the end of the month, which means that I will be working on it every weekend. The south and west sides are in tip-top shape, but the north side is very sad. I'm not planning on going snowboarding anymore this season, although Jimi and Daniel may go. Daniel still has one pass left to use up.


And oh ya, I am still actively looking for more satisfying employment.


Love Everyone,


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