Sunday, June 1, 2008

We painted Jimi's house

Hello Friends and Family,


All is well on the home front. This past week didn't go exactly as I had originally planned, but none the less it went well.


I already told you about our bar-b-que on Monday.


Tuesday was back to work and Tuesday evening I worked on texturing and painting my bathroom. Like a big dummy, I left my car lights on at work and my battery died. Jimi came and rescued me.


Wednesday night I had planned to finish the bathroom, but instead I worked on my scrapbook.


Thursday evening, Melody and I went to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate each other's birthdays. It has become an annual ritual for us and this was our sixth year (we think as we have kind of lost count). Daniel came down sick with a sore throat, a slight head cold, and what appeared to be pink eye.


I found out that I am on financial suspension at the college. Which means that I have already received my degree and am no longer eligable to receive financial aide through Front Range Community College. I can continue going to school there if I can pay for it myself. I filed an appeal to go before the appeals board which met on Friday. I was told I would have heard something by Friday afternoon, but I did not. Part of me wants to continue and another part of me says I'm content with where I'm at.


Friday after work, I loaded up dogs, kids, books, bags, and food and headed for Jimi's house. I was excited to see his house, as he painted the outside Friday morning. It looked absolutely awesome. He continued to work on it Friday evening, while I sat on the couch paying bills - OUCH. Daniel was pretty miserable and slept most of the day and evening. Jenn went to Westminster with some friends to see a movie.


Daniel was very sick on Saturday and slept all day in Jimi's basement. Jenn hung out on the couch while Jimi and I taped windows and painted the eaves on the house and garage. We finally called it a day about 5pm. We all four took showers and went to the Flatirons Mall. We ate in the food court, tried on Crocs shoes at the Kiosk and then went to the movies. Jimi and Daniel saw the new Indiana Jones movie and Jennifer and I saw the Sex and the City movie. Afterwards we came home and went to sleep.


Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Jenn hung out on the couch and Daniel remained sick and confined to the basement. Jimi and I painted the trim around the windows, doors, etc. His house guests, Jana and Juraj helped us too. We worked all day. Jimi started about 7am, I started about 8am and we both called it a day around 6pm. We made burgers on the grill, packed up all our things and headed for home. It was about 8:30 when the kids and I got home. I had to get my things ready for work on Monday and just rest. I was so exhausted!


Since I didn't work on my bathroom last week, I am really hoping to get it finished this week, but I will need Jimi's help.


I should find out tomorrow if I will be attending college over the summer. Anyhow, it's late and time for bed.


Love Everybody,


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