Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow...glad thats over

Hello everyone,


Last I left off, I told you that Daniel was really sick and spent the weekend in the dark basement. If Daniel wasn't better by Monday, Jimi had planned to take him to the Doctor. Considering I do not have medical insurance yet, it was a good thing when Monday morning came and Daniel showed significant signs of getting better. He 100% back to his old self again.


Monday evening I worked for Cencorp (my 2nd job) and began gathering things for my yard sale. And, actually both of those things consumed my entire week. I worked 9 and 10 hour days at Crocs. Work is still going very well. Even though I worked long hours, I really like my job.


Jimi bought another older motorcycle, which he will chop, customize, and sell. He also put #24 up for sale. #24 is an old goldwing he bought two years ago: he chopped and customized it too. It's called #24 after my birthday, the number is painted on the bike in several places. Here is his listing so you can see pictures: here


I didn't see much of Jimi this week. Now that I don't pick the kids up from his house everyday, I bypass Longmont to and from work. Even though we were around each other on the weekend, I was so busy that I really feel like I didn't see him.


I still have not heard from the college about classes this semester, but that's OK. I have pretty much decided that I am not going to attend Front Range Community College. I have something else in the works, but am also contemplating calling it good with what I've got.I dropped the classes I was signed up for and cancelled my funding.


I started a very serious diet, or better yet, eating plan this past week. Got to keep my girly figure in check. It's not really a diet, but more like  eating healthy. I've cut out virtually all salt, sweets, and most carbs. I did very well on it, although there were a few times when a craving for cookies or something hit me. Oh ya, I cut out beer too. I ate 1 1/2 pieces of pizza on Saturday though. :-(


Anyhow, Saturday was our yard sale. Miia, Jada and I did it at Miia's house. We made a total of $650 between the three of us and in addition, Daniel made $150.00. We had fun doing it. Jada and I are going to have another one in a few weeks at Jimi's house.


Saturday night Jennifer camped out in the back yard with her friends. Daniel, Jimi, and I went to an amusement park. We rode go-carts and played miniature golf. I remember playing miniature golf a lot as a child with my mom and dad. It was always such a treat and we had lots of fun. I was all excited about it Saturday night, but determined that it was really pretty boring. It's funny how things can look so different from a child's view. We had a blast on the go-carts though!!!


Sunday I cleaned my house, did laundry and worked on my bathroom. I was determined to get it done Sunday but failed. So it's baby step and I will keep working on it. Sunday night Daniel, Jenn, and her friends took our tent and some camping stuff and went to Union Reservoir in Longmont to camp. I was home alone (well, with the puppies). In the end, I survived. No monsters or goblins got me!! He-he.


Anyhow, it's back to work this morning. I'm not sure what this week has in store for me, but I will take it as it comes.


Love Everybody,


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