Monday, August 25, 2008

Back in the groove


Hello Friends and Family,


Recovering from being gone a week was not as bad as I was expecting. Of course, with the kids leaving I put most everything else in my life on hold. They are gone now and this is the week I will feel the effects of trying to get back on schedule from vacation in addition to picking up the pieces of Jennifer and Daniel leaving.


It was back to work Wednesday of last week, which led to many stories of our vacation to co-workers. Everyone wanted to see pictures, but of course I do not show pictures until they are organized and displayed in a scrapbook. My brain had to be reprogrammed for reports I had purposely wiped clean from my mind. Eventually it all came back to me and I was off and running producing reports again. That evening I went to the Mead bar to have ONE drink with Tammy. As you may already be thinking, I didn't stop at one. It was 9:30pm before I got home and I had the worst headache. The kids drove to the store so we could pick up some groceries for the week. I spent rest of the night and into the morning lying on my bed dreaming of sheep jumping fences, lol. Earlier that day, Jimi picked my bike up from the shop. We have decided that it is not worth fixing; therefore, we are going to sell it. Jimi has been doing repo work for our friend who owns a car dealership. It was exciting when he located one of the vehicles he has been searching for.


I had a meeting with another mortgage broker after work on Thursday. It lasted 2 ½ hours, but mostly because we spent a lot of time gabbing. She is convinced that my house will appraise for what I need and says she has an appraiser who will do it. So, I am not giving up the fight yet; it continues. That night, Daniel and I took a load of his junk to the dumpster. And earlier that day Jimi went to Denver and purchased a bumper for my car and a fender for his truck. Jimi found a second car he has been searching for. He felt good about that, Spartak (our friend) was quite happy about it, and I am very proud of him.


Friday evening the kids packed their suitcases and rest of their belongings for their move to Arizona. The four of us had a pretty cool evening. We lit a fire in the fire pit, took the little TV outside and watched Pearl Harbor on DVD in the back yard. We roasted brats in the fire pit while drinking rum and cokes. It was really cool seeing the movie right after being there.


We left Mead at 7am on Saturday morning for the 7 ½ drive to Albuquerque, NM. The drive there seemed fairly quick and went rather smoothly. We were meeting Jim S. and his fiancée, Dawn, so they can take Jennifer and Daniel to Arizona. We arrived at our meeting place about an hour before they did, and once they got there it seemed like just minutes before the trunk was unloaded and we were back on the road. The drive home was long and seemed to drag. It was hard on Jimi and I; we arrived back into Mead about 12:30am.


Sunday was a good day for us. We took our boat on the lake for the first time. The reservoir is only 4 miles from Jimi's house. We were both surprised at how smooth the experience went, especially being our first time. Raising the mass manually, unloading the boat at the dock, raising the sail, and sailing around the lake all worked like clock work. No one would ever have known that it was our first time. Even loading the boat was as smooth as silk. We were on the water for about 3 hours. We needed to tip the boat over while on the water, just to learn how to handle the situation, but I wasn't in the right mood to do so. I was too nervous, so Jimi said we would do it another time. We went back to the house and grilled burgers, and later that evening we watched the movie "Felon". I went on to bed; Jimi stayed up for a while.


This morning I am back at work and trying to figure out my week and how I will get everything done. It's not that I am necessarily in a time crunch, but I just hate having so many things hanging over my head and want everything done now.


Hope all is well with you! Have a wonderful week!!

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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