Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My how things change...



Hello Friends and Family,


Trying to get things in order and life in some form of organized order was my priority this week. However, making another major decision did not help accomplish the task. It may have made life crazier and even more unsorted. Anyhow, I expect that this email does not come as a surprise to you. In fact, I expect you have been expecting it - lol. Jimi and I have decided that I should move in with him. I must devote spare minutes to deciding and sorting what do to with an entire home filled with stuff: what to keep, what to sell and what to throw away. Originally I had planned to take my time and do it slowly through the month of September, but again those plans changed and it looks like I have a week or so, as you will read below.


Monday I worked the first ten hours of the day at Crocs and then another 5 hours at home. I managed to clean my house (wasn't really dirty), begin cleaning the kid's bedrooms out, and worked a little for Cencorp. The fall semester at Front Range Community College began and Jimi had his first class for Photoshop II on Monday night. I didn't get to see him this day and you all know how bummed I am when I can't see him. However, he called me after class and we talked for about 2 hours.


Tuesday was somewhat the same. I worked 10 hours at Crocs and than came home to chip away at my to do list. Jimi had a class on 'InDesign' during the day from 9am until 12:40pm. He came over in the evening to help me repair a portion of my fence/gate All we could really do was replace the post, which required the concrete to set over night. We went out for a quick bite to eat before he went home. I talked to my sister on the phone for a while and then went to bed.


Wednesday again was much of the same. I worked 10 hours at Crocs. Jimi had a day class on 'After Effects' from 9am until 12:40pm. That evening my girlfriend, Brenda, came over to help me clear the left over furniture and stuff from the kid's bedroom, while Jimi finished the fence/gate.It doesn't sound like it, but we got a lot done. What a day! Jimi also listed my motorcycle for sale on ebay. I'm sad to see it go, but the money will be good. I plan on paying Jimi for half the boat (it really will be 'our' boat then) and buying a new laptop, since mine isn't really working well.


Thursday I finished out the work week with another 10 hour day at Crocs. Jimi met the appraiser at my house between 4 and 5pm. I stopped by Jimi's house on my way home and visited with him for a few minutes. Then went to my friend, Miia's house for an hour or so. After the fun of chatting was over I had to go home and get busy with my list. I shampooed the entire upstairs carpets and washed all the linens left behind, as well as some other misc things. Thursday is the only weekday that Jimi does not have any classes.


Friday morning I had an 8am dentist appointment. My entire face was numb, but that didn't stop me from mowing the front and back yard, pulling weeds, and diligently working around the house. A friend from work came over at noon to look at my house. She is considering renting it from me. I took a few things to Jimi's house (my first official load). I will probably do this often, since I pass by Longmont nearly everyday. I had a 4pm appointment to get a tattoo. Jimi left class early to be there. He said he wanted to make sure they did it right. When finished with the tattoo, which turned out really good, we drank a beer, grabbed a few tacos and went to the theatre to see the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight"; pretty good movie. Jimi has two classes on Friday's this semester: 'Packaging Design' from 9am - 12:40pm and 'Electric Prepress' from 1pm - 4:40pm.


Saturday morning Jimi slept a little later than normal; he was a tired boy. Around noon, we took our boat to the reservoir; spending most of the afternoon there. Again the loading and unloading went super smooth. We forgot to put the batons in the sail before we got on the water, so the beginning of the trip was slow going. Jimi was trying to get the batons in the sail while I tried to steer and keep us from drifting into the swim area. The whole process only lasted 10 minutes and before we knew it we were on our way. We had spurts of wind and spurts of no wind. At times we felt we were really going fast and it was pretty awesome, and got some really good practice in. My job was to sit towards the front of the boat and operate the jib and the center board. Jimi sat at the back of the boat and operated the main sail and the rutter. After sailing, we cleaned up, grabbed a bite to eat and headed for the Colorado National Speedway to watch the races. Jimi calls them the red neck races.They are quite exciting and if you have never been, it is worth going at least once.

Jimi and I have been together two years on this day: August 30th. I consider it our anniversary, but never mentioned it to him and we don't celebrate it; however, Jimi remembered and mention it to me while we were at the races. He is very sweet - it meant a lot to me.


Sunday morning we took the dogs for a walk/hike in Lyons. Naturally, Razor rolled in something very smelly. The smell was so bad that I had to give her a bath when we got home. At noon we headed for Denver on the bike to spend the day with our friends Brad and Ellen. Brad made smoked ribs for us, which were incredibly tasty. They had quite the spread of other delicious food and beverages as well. They are awesome hosts spoiling us for sure. In addition, the co-worker who looked at my house on Friday called to say that would like to rent the house; this is when I found out I have just over a week to move. This is such a blessing for me to have her there. And because she is a miniature daschund lover, she would like to keep Razor and Molly. Jimi and I are having a hard time letting Molly go. We thought about keeping Molly for a while, but know that we will have to find her a home eventually and think it would be best to do it now. Letting her go now will reduce further attachment and she would get to stay with Razor and the home she knows. As Jimi said 'when opportunity knocks'.


We were slow moving on Monday. We went to breakfast and back to Jimis. We both ended up taking a nap, which was not planned. Jimi woke up before I did and mowed his front/back yard. Then we went to my house to pack some boxes and brought a small load of furniture back to Longmont. We got the living room and my bedroom, minus my clothes, completely packed. We bought the paint that matches my car so Jimi could paint my new bumper. Then I worked on organizing my new office/craft room: Jimi played video games. We showed my bike to a prospective buyer and I went home to Mead, where I packed some more things, loaded my car, and went to bed. 


I haven't really heard from the kids other than Jennifer calling wanting something from me: like money. I think they are busy settling in with school, their new home, and their new mom :-(. O.k., I will admit, so maybe a little part of me is jealous or bitter, but that's ok. I've got Jimi and that makes everything wonderful!


Hope all is well.

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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