Monday, August 4, 2008

Moooore news?........


Hello Everybody,


I've had some pretty interesting news lately and well I'm not done yet... Thursday night Jennifer made the decision to move to Arizona. She has been toying with the idea since April. Then on Friday, I received a call that Daniel has also decided to move there. He had originally decided to move next June. But, after spending the summer there with his father, he wants to go now. I'm o.k. with their decisions. It bothered me a little bit at first, as I just needed a little time to get used to it, but all it fine now. Jimi is a bit leery that everything will actually go through. The track record for people changing their minds in my immediate family has been high.Right now the plan is their grandfather is picking all their belongings up on Friday. He will drive it out to Arizona for them. And they will go when we return from Hawaii. I will keep you posted.


It was a long week, as I worked six days straight: Monday through Saturday. However, two of those days I was in Broomfield, CO for a Reports Smith class, which helped break up the week a little bit.


Tuesday evening Jennifer and I took Molly and Razor to the mountains for a short hike. We only went a third of the way up the trail and back down.


Monday and Wednesday evenings I worked at home for Cencorp.


Jimi bought our first sail boat Wednesday morning. I call it our boat, but it is really his boat.It is 15 feet long and needed a little work, which he pretty much did the first day, but that's OK because the price was right.This is very exciting news for us.


I also got news that the comp reports for my house are coming in low; therefore, I have decided not to order an appraisal. I just don't want to spend $375 to find out that I can't get refinanced anyhow. For now I will hold off. I'm trying real hard to stay positive and hope that things will somehow work out.


I also made the decision and sent an email to my sorority sisters that I am dropping out of Beta Sigma Phi. I plan to keep in contact with them and attend get togethers, but my heart's not in it anymore.


Friday night Jimi and I sat around and drank. We really had fun just the two of us. I got a lesson on the boat's parts and what they do. We talked about our future plans and as usual just had an awesome time spending quality time together.


Saturday night after work we went to our friend's house, Jesse Sanchez, for a bar-b-que, and then caught the outdoor cinema: ET. That was kind of neat. Jimi pulled a muscle in his back between his shoulder blades, so he wasn't moving around too much.


I joined an online writing club to enhance my writing skills. And Jimi told me that I need to learn Spanish, so he gave me a program to start studying. Yea right, me learn Spanish. Obviously he has more confidence in me than I do. In any case, I will give it a shot.


Sunday morning we kind of hung around his house. We collected boxes and newspaper for packing and then Jenn and I went home. I began going through the house separating things and packing them up for her. I talked to my sister on the phone for a while and Karen (Jimi's sister-in-law) called me and we chatted a bit.


Anyhow for now, things are good here and I will write more later.


Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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