Sunday, July 27, 2008

My first 14er...

Hello Everybody,


Well, I had a pretty good week and another phenomenal weekend with Jimi.


I again worked 10 hour days Monday through Thursday to have Friday off. This was my last week of doing so for a while, since our trip to Hawaii is coming up.


Monday after work I had to clean Cencorp and when I got home, Tammy Reasoner came over for a couple of hours. We drank margaritas and had some in depth conversations about people and relationships. She is such a great lady. It was announced that Jim Sullivan is getting married on October 19th of this year. He is marrying a lady named Dawn and she has two or three children (not for sure). Sounds like they are really in love and things are going very well for him. And believe me when I say that I am very very happy for him. I feel like it is closure and I am finally free and can really get on with my life.


I got all my lab work back from the Doctor's office, and all came back with very good results. The one I was worried about was the blood sugar test, but I'm fine. No signs of diabetes.


Tuesday after work, I again climbed Mount Sanitas by myself. It is such an exhilarating feeling and accomplishment, even if it is the same mountain over and over.

I was very excited when Jimi's sister-in-law (his brother's wife, Karen) called me just to chat. We talked for a while. I really haven't had the opportunity to get to know her one on one, but I think the ice is broken now and we will be able to become close friends/family. I also broke down and bought Daniel a plane ticket home, since Jim S. had not done so. My sister called me to tell me that Tony asked her to marry him and she is accepted.  A date is not set, but they are thinking about a fall or winter wedding.


Wednesday evening Jennifer and I ate out, but we did not walk the dogs around the lake because the weather was bad. When I got home I spent the entire evening scrapbooking our South Dakota trip.


Thursday I was trying to get caught up on things around the house: yard work, cleaning, and listing ebay items to sell. I got a lot done, but as usual never as much as I want to.


Friday morning Jimi and I left at 5am for our biggest hike of the year. We climbed Mount Bierstadt, which is 14,060 feet. It was much different than I expected. I didn't find it hard at all. The hike was a gradual but steady climb and the altitude didn't bother me at all. We got some really great pictures. Jimi has ourt next mountain picked out all ready and I am antsy to do it.


Saturday morning Jennifer went to Water World with her friend (x-boyfriend), Ray and his family. Jimi and I went to breakfast and then each went home. I putzed around the house until 4pm, which is when Jimi picked me up. We went to Denver to visit old friends who were in town for the weekend. Some of you know them – it was Jussi and his wife Jenn. They are now living in Washington State. As you can probably guess we had a great time. Jimi drank enough to get a really good buzz and I was the designated driver. It was after 1am when we got home.


We did not wake up until 10am on Sunday morning, which is extremely unusual for both of us no matter how late we are up the night before. I kind of laid around the house, while Jimi put the light fixture in my bathroom and worked in the garage. Then we went to dairy queen and then Boyd Lake in Loveland. We had a great time there. We took the tubes out to the swimming barrier and goofed around for a while on the tubes, we laid on the beach soaking up the sun and drying off, and then went back in the water for a while. The sky looked like weather was coming in, so we left. We stopped for a bite to eat. Jimi went on home and I did yard work. Later that evening, we met up again and took the dogs for a walk along the St. Vrain trail in Longmont.


Jennifer went tubing with Ray and his family in Lyons, CO. She had a lot of fun, but was really tired.


Jimi is wrapping up his classes for the semester. He only has one week left. He is finished with one of his classes except for the final. The second class he has a couple of assignments to do yet and I'm not sure if he has a final in it or not.


Here are some pics. The specks on the top of two of the pictures are Jimi and I. You may have to zoom in to see us. The other pic is the one we climbed. We were on the peak on the right side above the snow spots.


Here we are getting ready to start another week. The never ending circle….lol


Love Everybody,


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