Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Week

Hello Everybody,

The week was wonderful. Spending time with my family was a real treat, just as it was spending time with Jimi's family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Jimi and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful family who love us.

Jennifer spent Monday and Tuesday catching up with friends she had not seen since she left in August. Daniel and Jimi spent time playing guitar hero, other Xbox 360 games, and doing other destructive things that boys do while having a good time. I tried to get a whole weeks work done in two days at Crocs, as well as trying to get some things done for Cencorp.

Tuesday evening we had to take an unexpected trip to Mead. The dishwasher quit working and Jimi needed to fix it. We got that done and then went back home to get ready for our trip.

Wednesday morning we headed for Nebraska arriving around 4pm. This year Mom decided to have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve in an effort to alieve chaos on Christmas day and it worked. A couple of hours after we arrived, we ate a beautiful Christmas meal with turkey, ham, mashed and sweet potatoes, and many more tasty dishes. It was fantastic. After dinner we vegged on the couch, each got to open a present, and then went to sleep waiting for Santa to come.

Christmas morning was the traditional scene. Each person got up to find a stocking full of goodies and once everyone was awake and had their necessary coffee dad started handing out presents to open. Our family is not that big, but to see all the presents one would think we were a large clan. Everyone was happy and the day continued with no schedule. We simply played with our gifts and enjoyed each other's company.  As with each visit, Jimi was put to work fixing, setting up and/or installing something for mom and dad, which is something he enjoys doing. That evening we played several games of twister, embarked in sword fighting, and went bankrupt in Monopoly (except for Jimi, as he owned the entire world by the end of the game) and then we bestowed upon our merry selves cocktails and karaoke. 
I have attached a picture for you. From left to right.
Bottom row: Larry (my dad), Jacque (my mom), Lorie (me), Miller (da dog), and Jimi.
Top row: Brittany (my great niece), Daniel (my son), Marie (my sister), Jennifer (my daughter), and Kristina (my great niece).
My sister's daughters Jacque Sue and Bonnie were not present, nor was Lyle, my sister's spouse.

I won't bore you with the details of our gifts, but I do want to mention one gift that Jimi gave me. He booked us a trip to Las Vegas in February. I was so surprised and am very excited. He says the hotel is really nice and right on the strip. Of course you will hear all about it in February.

Friday we spent the morning moving my sister from Overland, NE back to Stamford, NE. She moved to Overton a few months ago, but was unable to find work and decided it would be better to stay south. Luckily, her old job at Bugbees Restaurant was waiting for her, so it all worked out. After lunch we laid down to watch the movie Iron Man, and again that evening, as if we did not learn our lesson the first time, we all went bankrupt while we watched the Jimi empire grow in another game of monopoly.

Saturday we drove home, and once there, we unpacked, did the laundry, and laid around. We went to bed kind of early, as we were all tired from the hectic week.

One of my gifts from Jimi was a remote start for my car, which lead to Jimi and Daniel spending most of the day installing it on Sunday afternoon.

Now Monday is here again and I am back at work; however, we have a busy week with a lot of family activities planned before the kids fly back to Arizona.

Please have a safe and happy new year!

Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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