Monday, February 23, 2009

Grandpa's Car

Hello Everybody,

Our week was busy, which in turn made it seem short; though, we enjoyed it.

Jimi went snow boarding with his friends Jussi and Juri on Monday. Monday evening he met up with some class colleagues at the coffee shop for web design talk. I spent the evening working, as well as unpacking, doing laundry, and working around the house.

Rest of the week Jimi continued to work on his studies. He also cleaned out the garage making room for my grandfather's car. I went to work everyday and worked mostly on my scrap booking in the evenings.

Our highlight of the week was from my mom, dad, and great niece's visit. They left Nebraska Friday morning and arrived at our house Friday evening. They brought us a car that had belonged to my grandfather handed down to my father and now handed down to me. It is a 1967 Ford LTD, and being garaged all of it's life, is in very nice condition. The car measures approximately 18'x7'. the garage length and doorway measures approximately 20'x8'. Jimi spent a lot of time earlier in the week making room for it. He had to get rid of a work bench, which we gave to my father, and he had to rearrange other things including his motorcycles. The car is nice and I know we will enjoy having it, but the real treat was mom and dad's visit.

Friday night we visited, and watched a movie. Refreshed on Saturday morning, we took everyone to our favorite breakfast spot, Lucille's. My great niece, Brittany, had never been to the mountains before, so we took a drive up the Peak to Peak Hwy. We made several stops so Brittany could get out and climb a few rocks, walk on the frozen river, and pond, and we toured the 'Chapel on a Rock'. We also stopped in Estes Park for pizza. Brittany was just amazed at the beauty of the mountains. We really enjoyed our day. Jimi really enjoyed the climbing and exploring he and Brittany did. That evening we watched another movie and then went to bed.

Up bright and early Sunday morning, mom, dad, and Brittany packed up for their journey back to Nebraska. Jimi and I went snowboarding for a couple of hours. That afternoon we took the LTD to the car wash and then drove it over to Gunther Toodys (a 50's restaurant) for lunch. Rest of the day/evening was spent on preparing for the week, getting groceries, etc.

Between all of our activities, Jimi would work on trying to recover and restore his laptop. On Thursday his machine bombed out. He lost everything including all his school work, pictures, his portfolio, and even the operating system. He handled it better than I would have. He worked diligently to put everything back and get back on schedule. Of all the files lost, less than 10% were recovered.  I'm sure he will spend a lot of time this week on the recreation.

The pictures I have attached are my great Niece, Brittany, she is 9 1/2, and the 67 LTD.

Thinking of you all. Have a wonderful week.
Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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