Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Boarding for the ACS

Hello Friends and Family,

I’d have to say our week was quite terrific. It began when I came home from work to an enormous
bouquet of flowers: Lilies with smaller orange flowers and baby’s breath; they were sitting on the kitchen table for me. Jimi said he thought they would cheer me up, that he is sorry we are not able to spend as much time together since he is so busy with school and work, and he wanted to let me know that when he is with me he is a better person because otherwise he is a grumpy ole' goat. Needless to say his speech brought tears to my eyes. All week our house has had the aroma of fresh lilies – they are absolutely beautiful. Words cannot express how much the flowers and his other gestures mean to me, nor can words express how much I love him.

Jimi concentrated his week on school and “the 67” car. He met with the head of the multi-media program at school to discuss all the work (portfolio) he lost when his computer crashed. The good news is it looks like he was able to recover enough; things are under control and he is back on track. He also worked on the car and after some tips from his brother, Jeff, it is running tip top. And he cleaned and polished the exterior.

Monday evening I played pool at the Moose lodge with my girl friend. Thursday evening Jimi met his web buddies at the coffee shop, while I took Jennifer and her friend to Hooters for dinner. Friday evening Jimi, Jennifer , and I went to Johnny Carinos for dinner.

Saturday was a big day for Jimi. It was the ski/snowboard competition for the American Cancer Society’s Hope on the Slopes. You will be amazed at Jimi’s stats. What he accomplished was utterly amazing and took a lot of stamina. He snow boarded non-stop from 9am until 2:30pm. He ate while on the lifts and even had a method for potty breaks without wasting time. For 5 ½ hours straight he did 34 runs, 38 miles, and 47,000 vertical feet. As a whole, the event raised $50,000 for the American Cancer Society. We left home for Breckenridge, CO at 6am and arrived back home at 8pm that night. It was a long day; the weather was absolutely beautiful and sunny. I can’t say enough about it or Jimi’s undertaking. Thank you to everyone who donated!!!

On Sunday Jimi vegged and I did various household chores.

It was a fabulous and rewarding week. We hope your was too.

Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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