Monday, July 27, 2009

Awesome Sailing and Great Friends

Hello Everyone,
The potential buyers for my house pre-qualified for my loan; however, they have a couple of things to take care of first. We will wait before we do a contract just to be on the safe side. I am super excited that this will go through, but in the meantime I am still advertising. Your crossed fingers and prayers must be working, so please continue them for me. Thanks.

Throughout the week, I had several more calls on the house and one showing. I have not heard back from the showing yet.
I practiced my motorcycle driving course nearly everyday, I’m coming along quite nicely and will possibly be able to take my test sooner than originally anticipated. I look forward to when I can ride my bike freely and to work in the mornings. I am also looking forward to a couple of road trips. Jimi and I went to Fort Collins Saturday morning to check out the actual driving course. It is a bit larger than what we had drawn out and had been practicing on, which is a good thing. I'll continue to practice and hopefully take my test in mid August.

We were able to take the boat out on the lake one evening. We got some really good practice in, as the winds were strong and steady and we were moving quite fast. We really need more boating time; however, it’s just not something you can plan and do. The sails rely on the wind, and there isn’t as much wind here as there will be on the coast. We do what we can and know that when the opportunity rises, we must be ready to change our plans and head out spontaneously.
Jimi is still in search of and trying to figure out exactly what he wants to do about work. He worked for a couple of hours helping a lady in Boulder move one day and continues to work on a freelance job for DIY Nature web page. In addition he is doing senior pictures for my girlfriend's son.
We went to Denver Friday evening meeting up with friends Brad and Ellen. We haven’t seen them since New Years, it was a long overdue treat. We listened to the band play, the base guitarist was also a friend. And visited the best we could with the loud music in the background.
Sunday we went to my girlfriend Kay’s house for a barbecue. Kay talked to Jimi about doing Tyler’s (her oldest son) senior pictures and Jimi talked to Tyler about attending Front Range Community College. It was a very nice visit.
Other things we did this week included playing pool at the Red Zone, working for Cencorp, scrap booking, putting new speakers in the LTD, and hanging with my girlfriends around the fire pit.
Reflecting on the prior week can sometimes be difficult. Often our minds forget or put side what is past. For me, it helps me appreciate all Jimi and I do. We try to keep things busy balancing work and play. These days our work consists of working towards our goal of moving next year, which still bothers me that it will come up quickly and we will not be ready. In any case, one day at a time (or one week at a time) and the reflections are the story of our achievements leading us to our dream.
Until next week - love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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