Monday, July 20, 2009

The Need for Speed

Hello Everyone,

WOW - another great week.

Jimi is taking advantage of his free time, while also looking at picking up some work, he's busy with yard work, and household/garage projects.. He is pondering whether he should do only freelance work, work a part time job and do freelance, or simply work a full time 9-5 job. I think he will see what comes along and in the meantime continue to stay busy around the house.

I did a lot of work for Cencorp this week, got caught up on my scrap booking and bought a motorcycle. Yes, I bought a 2001 Ninja motorcycle. It is SWEEEET!  I have been wanting to replace my Interceptor since we sold it last fall. This bike is 15 years newer and in much better shape. It will be easier and more comfortable for me to learn on .My permit expires in November, so my goal is to get my license by then. In an unused parking lot and with sidewalk chalk, Jimi and I drew out the exact course of the test. I rode it everyday mostly practicing for the driving test. We also rode to Boulder and back during the weekend. It was incredible.

We spent a lot of time together this week, which always makes me very happy. Did I already mention how happy I am that things are back to normal and he is back home? Well, I really am. We made a list of recreational and entertaining things we can do rest of the summer for minimal cost. After my recent two major purchases, I must buckle down.
Thursday evening we jumped on Jimi's bike and rode down to Denver, where we met up with our friend Juraj. We had a drink with him and then headed out to the Denver Airport. Jimi knows of a spot at the end of one of the run ways that we could lay down and watch the planes take off and land just above us. I was excited when he told me of his plans for us; however, we got there too late and missed the last planes. We decided to camp the night there to catch the early morning planes. We picked handfuls of wheat from a field, laying them on the ground making a "Gilligan's island bed". It was awesome, and then we crashed out for the night or so we thought. About 2am we woke, as Jimi was being eaten alive by very aggressive mosquitoes. They didn't like the smell of me, but their buzzing was driving me nutty. We knew it was too cold to leave, as we did not dress for night riding, but after 25 minutes or so decided we would rather deal with the cold ride home than with the mosquitoes. We packed up and headed out. Jimi, a frozen pop cycle, and I, a half frozen pop cycle, arrived home at 4am. We slept until 9am and then went out for coffee and a croissant. Despite the mosquitoes and cold ride home, it was still an awesome time.

We didn't do much rest of the weekend. We decided to really just take it off for a change. Jimi had to take a state required test in order to have his degrees issued at the college. We rode the motorcycles, played some pool, and putzed around the house.

The couple that looked at my house a month ago are in the process of trying to get qualified to assume the loan. This is really good news for me. Jimi doesn't want me to get my hopes up, but it's really hard not to. I have not had any other hits on it lately. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going up.

That's it for now.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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