Monday, August 10, 2009

All is well.....

Friends and Family,
Even though you will read that it seems we did a lot this week, we had a lot of down time – which on one had was a nice change, but on the other we like to stay busy.
We watched a lot of movies through out the week. Normally averaging one or possibly two movies in a week, this week we watched several. Together we saw Jurassic Park and The Right Stuff. Jimi watched The Wrestler, and I watched Divine Secretes of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Alien vs Predator, and Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. All were good.
For the past few weeks, I have been working on a scrap book for my great niece, Brittany. I wanted to give her something special to remember the things we did during her visits here. I uploaded the pictures and published the book to our blog if you would like to see it. Click here.
Jimi found a Virago motorcycle on Craig’s list for $250 and bought it. He’s chopping it out and hoping to resell it for as much as $2000. It runs great, so all he’s doing before selling it is some design work. Currently he is waiting on some parts he ordered. I will try to get you a picture before he sells it.
He also got a wood burning stove for free. I am trying to talk him in to putting it in the house, as it is already set up for one or he may paint and sell it. That thing is super heavy.
We rode both our motorcycles to Fort Collins Sunday morning where I practiced the driving test on the actual course. Jimi is confident I will pass; however, I’m not so sure. Typically I do not do well the first time I do the course on my own, but ace it every time after that. You may think that sounds ok, except when taking the real test there are no practices allowed. You are given one shot at it per day costing $30 each. This could get expensive. Lol
More good news for Jimi’s work. He was selected to display 16 to 20 framed photography prints in a high class beauty salon in downtown Boulder between October 1 and November 30. He will price his pieces between $65 and $85 each. The location is prime, which will give him a lot of exposure. We are excited about it.
Again, we played pool on Monday evening with friends Matt and Tracy. Fun times!
We are told that Jennifer and Daniel will have a new little brother or sister in March 2010. Yes, you are reading correctly. Their stepmother is pregnant.
Crocs had a big meeting for us on Friday and served us breakfast.  They announced that despite what the media says, things are really going well. All their debt is paid off and sales are slowly picking up. They are still working on restructuring, etc. and I don’t think they have money to burn; however, the news thus far is really good.
Friday night we went to a free concert at the Boulder County fair grounds with friends, Matt, Tracy, and Kay. We were only out until 11 or so, but had a fabulous time. And then on Saturday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Denver for my girlfriend Vicki’s birthday. There was nine of us: Jamie, Stacey, Eric, Vicki, Toby, Matt, Tracy, Jimi, & I. We had dinner, but Matt, Tracy, Jimi and I went home afterwards, while the rest went to the clubs dancing. 
That sums up our week. All is well, as another week begins.
Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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