Monday, August 17, 2009

First time for everything

Dear Friends and Family,

All is well as we still plug away, while new and old things develop around us every week.

We played our usual pool on Monday night with friends Matt and Tracy. Tuesday, Jimi was busy working on his various projects and I was bored out of my mind. I had things to do, but really wanted to spend time with Jimi. In any case I got through it and he made up for it. Wednesday night we loaded our sleeping bags into the truck and took off for the mountains. We cooked brats over the fire pit and laid there watching the stars and the meteor shower in the sky late into the night. We got up early enough the next morning to head back home, so I could get to work on time. Friday night our friends Matt and Tracy came over. We sat around the fire pit until about 11pm before retiring for the night.

I like to say that Saturday broke my records of firsts. It was the first time I did so badly at a yard sale. I earned $3. Yes, I said three dollars. While I wasn't there for most of it, I guess we were hit with some severe rain/thunder storms and Tammy packed everything up. It was the first time I rode my bike outside Longmont by myself. Jimi came up later in the morning and we rode up to Fort Collins so I could take my test and I passed the first time. Yes, it's official. I have my motorcycle license now. I got a 100% on 5 of the 6 tests. The portion of the test I failed was the sharp right U turn and the only one of the tests that I was worried about. Jimi and I headed back to Mead; however, we took the interstate and it was my first time on I-25 driving my bike, in addition it rained on us, which would be myfirst time riding in the rain. Well I thought it was rain, but Jimi said we can hardly consider that rain, but more of a sprinkle. Jimi and I finally fixed the dishwasher at my house in Mead, chopped down a dead tree, and fixed the hot tub. After all that Jimi went home while I went back to Tammy's to help clean up the yard sale. After a few hours, I got on my bike and headed home and on the way, and for thefirst time, I crashed my bike. Yes, I did it. I didn't turn sharp enough and ended up on the side of the road. The bike is scratched up a little on the right side, my knees are a little bruised, and I broke the key off in the ignition probably with my hand or something. But all is fine and I got back on the bike and rode rest of the way home. Jimi was not happy at first, but the next day we talked about it and he told me that if I keep misbehaving on my bike he will have to ground me from it. Lol Otherwise life goes on as usual he said. That evening we watched the movie "Water World", well, Jimi watched it. I watched the first half before falling asleep.

Sunday was the day for laundry and grocery shopping. We took the boat out for a few hours. We had some really good winds for it; 11 mph and therefore had to take our jib down and only sail with the main sail. It was a great weekend.

I enrolled in a creative writing class at Front Range Community College, which begins August 24th. I am really excited about being in school again. It is an on line class, which is also preferred.

Jennifer is ready to begin her senior year. We’ve got her senior pictures done and will be sending them out shortly and we’ve got all her classes scheduled. Now I have the daunting task of making sure she goes to her classes’ everyday and passes them. Jimi has the daunting task of making sure I keep up on her. Lol

With the chosen path Jimi is taking for work, we are finding that he is working most hours during the day and evening. Weather he is working in the garage on a restoration, searching for bargains on Craig’s List, or placing ads on eBay, he must stay on top of it all; especially when hunting a deal he cannot pass up. He checks Craig’s List at least five different times each day and must be ready on a seconds notice to snatch something up. He bought another motorcycle last Friday. Fortunately this Virago is in mint condition and he doesn’t need to do a thing to it. Both motorcycles are ready to be listed now. Other bargains he scored were a camera lens and a top of the line bicycle frame. Jimi is enjoying what he is doing and he is darn good at it.

Here is a picture we took a few weeks ago that I thought you might like.

Our thoughts are with you.

Love Everyone,

Lorie & Jimi

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