Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

Friends and Family,


Hello there. My apologies for taking so long to get this out this week. Jimi and Matt went camping on Monday night with the intention to rise early Tuesday and climb four 14ers (14,000 foot mountains). Matt went up about 2,000 feet and then began suffering from altitude induced asthma and had to turn around. Jimi finished the trip with all four mountains: they are Mount Bross, Mount Lincoln, Mount Democrat, and Mount Cameron. They arrived home at 4pm on Tuesday. I worked on my normal duties consisting of school, Cencorp, and scrap booking. Wednesday evening we helped Matt and Tracy move and then on Thursday we packed and prepared for our weekend get-away.


Friday morning we headed for Northern Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park and The Grand Tetons. We found a camp spot and settled in just after dark, but first drove around Yellowstone briefly to get acquainted with the area. We woke up early Saturday so Jimi could get some sunrise shots, but we missed them. We spent rest of the day touring the park. We saw heards of buffalo, which at one point Jimi was surrounded by them. They were so close that he could reach out and touch them, but didn't of course. He thought nothing of it and kept taking pictures. We spent a lot of time at the Mammoth Hot Springs, which consist of pools of sulfur build up.  And then we saw Old Faithful. It seems that most of the day we were in the truck.


Sunday we toured the area of the Grand Tetons again getting up early for morning pictures, which were successful. We found several four wheel drive trails to play around on and then went on a really long hike through some back country. It was cool being away from the tourists traps. We saw real wildlife of a couple of elk who had been taken down by probably a pack of wolves. One of them was small or young at it's time of demise and had happened quite some time ago. The second one was very large and still had some of the hide on its skull. It was incredibly cool to see parts of it spread to different areas just like we learn the wolves do, as they each grab a share and go off to eat it. We are pretty sure we found the entire skeletan scattered. There was no blood left, but the animal put off a grossly odor. We investigated it, took pictures and then moved on. That night we headed about an hour towards home and camped at Brooks Lake in the Shoshone National Forrest. It rained that night, but that did not stop us from roasting dogs by the fire and enjoying our evening. 


Monday morning we were up early again for more morning photos. We got the pictures and then back at camp, started another fire to cook our breakfast, and packed up before the nine hour drive home. We arrived home about 4pm. It was an awesome four day get away.


On the drive there I managed to read my entire 500 page novel and on the way home I completed all my assignments for the coming week. This will really help me in my class. Now I can devote more time to my short story.


I wanted to attach a picture or two; however, we just have not had time to go through them. Maybe I will remember to send some later.


This coming week will be a short one and we have many things to do.


Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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