Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy to Lazy

Friends and Family,
Hello to all - I have to say this week began on the crazy side and ended on the lazy side.... With the Holiday last Monday it was a short week and with us just returning from our weekend get-a-way and so much to do, it seemed even shorter. My work load at Crocs more than doubled and I found myself working more than ever. Tracy and Matt stayed with us while waiting for their new house to become available. I had planned to work on my short story; however, that didn't happen until the weekend. I barely got laundry done and fell behind in working for Cencorp. Lucky for the employees, I was able to get payroll done - ha-ha - just kidding.
Matt and Tracy's house was ready for them to move in on Friday, so we spent Friday night trucking a couple truck loads from storage to their new house.
I cleaned house like no other on Saturday morning and rest of the day and into Sunday, I worked for Cencorp and worked on homework.
Jimi continued to buy and sell. He did well this past week with his self made business.
Jennifer and Daniel both had homecoming on Saturday night. I have not talked to Daniel about his night, but Jennifer had a good time. She went with a group seven kids.
Jimi and I watched the movie To Kill a Mockingbird Saturday. It was good.
I am still busy with school. I am trying to work ahead, so I won't loose out when we are in Vietnam. And my scrap booking has fallen behind, but I think it is just going to have to wait.
We got word that Tracy (Jimi's niece) is getting married. I am excited for her and hoping we will be able to fly to Chicago for the wedding next summer
Hope all is well with you - hugs and kisses.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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