Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Busy Week

Family and Friends,
Another busy week for us.
I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working for Cencorp, Crocs, and school.
Thursday was Jimi's birthday; Jennifer and I took him to one of his favorite restaurants for supper. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMI!!!
Friday we stayed home so I could continue to work on things.
Saturday morning Jimi and I went to Mead to remove the pile of wood, weeds, etc. we collected a couple of weeks ago. We took five pickup loads to the Mead dump days before calling it a day. I then went to an event for my old Sorority group and afterwards we went to Matt and Tracy's for a BBQ, which was a blast.
Sunday I went back out to Mead to finish raking the yard. I took two pickup loads of branches, grass, and weeds to the brush pile. Afterwards, Jimi and I took Miller for a walk, I went to Crocs for a while, and then it was back home for the evening.
My tenant told me on Sunday that she is moving out the end of the month. I will be relieved to have her out. I can go in there and really clean the place up, etc. It won't take much; mostly elbow grease and it will be much easier to show the house to perspective buyers without the pets. The listing was placed on the MLS this weekend. Here are a couple of the ads with the pictures Jimi took.
My ad on
My ad on
Movies we watched this week were "The Death of a Salesman", "A Street Car Named Desire", and "Public Enemy".
I am sorry that we do not have more fun things to report; this week's schedule will be very much of the same.
That's all for now.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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