Monday, December 21, 2009

Making our Holiday rounds...

Hello all,

As I mentioned before, last week was non-stop. Monday night was my only night at home; however, I was busy with working on payroll for Cencorp.

Tuesday night Jimi and  I had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse with friends Connie and Rex. Connie brought us a nice basket of goodies, which Jimi promptly made me hide. I have been munching away at them all week and they are quite YUMMY! Our dinner and company was wonderful!

Jimi hung out with his buddy, Matt, all day on Wednesday. They changed the oil in the pickup and the car. Wednesday evening, I went for coffee with my long time girlfriends, Miia, Lisa, and Julie. Afterwards, I headed out to Mead to deliver a Merry Christmas to my other longtime girlfriend, Tammy.
Thursday evening was the Crocs Christmas party. My boss took our department to "The Med" for supper before hand.

It was very nice.

And then Vicki, Tobey, Jimi, and I tore it up at the Holiday party, which was held at the Boulder Theater. I believe it was midnight or so when we got home.

Friday night we set out to see friends Brad and Ellen in Denver; another friend, Glen also came over. We visited about our trip to Vietnam, and the guys talked camera talk much of the night, while Ellen and I talked about the guys (just kidding). It was about 2am when we got home. It was fun!

Saturday morning I had coffee with my longtime friend Brenda at Johnson's corner and then made my way to Berthoud to pop in on a friend, Marie, recovering from surgery. I enjoyed both visits. That afternoon I finished up the rest of my Christmas shopping and then Jimi and I saw the movie "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock. A great film - I cried!

I thought Sunday would bring rest and relaxation; however, it did not. I still had too many things to do: errands to run, house to clean, and groceries to buy. I got it all done and that evening I picked Daniel up from the airport.

Jennifer finished up her final week of working for Crocs - Thursday through Sunday. And Jimi again worked Thursday and Friday.

Jimi began coming down with something on Friday feeling a bit under the weather. Other than running out to purchase my Christmas present, wrapping it and then teasing me with it, he rested most of the weekend. Lol

It was a good week. I relished on showing our Vietnam scrapbook to everyone and spreading the Holiday cheer to friends.

We hope your coming week is a pleasant one, as we plan ours will be.

Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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