Monday, January 18, 2010

Realtor, Realtor

Hello Everyone,
This past week was an emotional roller coaster for me; however, I am proud to announce I made it through.   Jimi and I met with six Realtors; each gave us their own opinion and recommendation for my house; the numbers, however, were all over the place. We have decided to take a hit with the Realtor fees and list my house with a Realtor. We think we have chosen one out of the six and are hoping to have everything in place with her by early next week. I am so burnt out on showings that, while it's not over yet, just knowing I don't have to deal with it anymore will be a huge weight off my shoulder.
We went to the Jazz bar in Denver Saturday night meeting friends Brad & Ellen and Tobey & Vicki. Saturday was Ellen's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN!!! We ate smothered burritos, drank a few cocktails, listened to the Jazz band, and enjoyed each other's company. It was a nice evening and we weren't out too late.
Movies we watched were: Inglorious Bastards (very good fiction film about WWII), Up in the Air, and the Hurt Locker.
I went through ALL my pictures not in albums and scanned them into electronic format (over 1,000 photos). The originals will be handed down to my children. I am now in search of an older type scrapbook that I can put some of my other keepsake paperwork in for storage.
After speaking with so many Realtors, it hit Jimi and I just how short our time left here is. We've got to put a little hustle in our bustle over the next few months. I have no doubt we will have our ups and downs between now and when we leave, but one way or another we're confident we'll be ready (Jimi is more confident than I am). Lol
That's about it for now - short and sweet this week! Hope all is well with you.
Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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