Monday, January 25, 2010

Mellows the Way

Hello Everyone,
Another mellow week; all work and little play these days. I met with Cencorp's auditors via conference call to begin/finalize 2009 business. I spent a great deal of time reconciling accounts, etc. There will be more to come this week as well.
I met with my crochet group and was finally able to start on a little fashion scarf I am attempting to make. Jennifer and I went to Mead to visit with my girlfriend Tammy for a few hours. Actually, time got away from us and it was 11pm before we got back home. Yikes!
Jimi met with a realtor regarding his house...he's just lining them up right now. It sounds as though we will not have any problem selling his place considering the location, model, and age of the home: built in 1910 it turns 100 this year. He finished replacing the bookshelf leading up the stairs. The shelves are now made of oak and match the stairs. He did a nice looks great!
I met and signed all the papers with the realtor on my house. It's in their hands now and I'm glad. I finished the quilt I started two years ago (LOL), as well as mended the edges of Jimis. As you can already guess, I still have many projects on my "to do" list - it's one thing at a time.
Jimi and I took Miller on a walk to his favorite place sniffing the prairie dogs, sliding across the frozen brook, and exploring the woods. We also enjoyed a quick supper at Old Chicago, and saw the movie Avatar in 3D. It was great! The computer graphics were awesome, the story line was good, and the 3D was the best that has ever been done. It's definately worth seeing . We also watched a documentary about the food industry in America titled Food Inc. It was enlightening to say the least and we now have a new respect for farmers.

That's it for this week. Love to all.
Lorie & Jimi

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