Monday, March 1, 2010

Poison Oak -n- Pictures

Hello Friends and Family,

Jimi arrived home at 1:40am on Wednesday Febraury 24th. He drove 18 hours leaving Reno, Nevada Tuesday morning to get home as quickly as possible. His poison oak was only getting worse and spreading. He contributed that to his clothing, sleeping bag, futon mattress, and the inside of the truck all being contaminated with the poison oak oils and desperately need to get in a clean free enviroment. He had to wash everything from his trip including the dog. Since his arrival home he's been laid up. His legs look like he has a severe sun burn on them; they are red and scaley. We can see some areas of healing, but it's slow going and the itching is at times unbearable. He's found a few methods of temporary relief, but they are only temporary at best. To add to the irritation and frustration, he tweaked his back again on Friday morning.

Jennifer and I had lunch with my old friends, Melody and Jim Torres Saturday. We had a really nice visit.

Jennifer and Jimi went to the Army recruiter in Longmont on Friday morning to discuss Jennifer's options for joining the Military and getting her medical education through them. Jennifer now studies hard for her entrance exam. Her score will determine how high she can go as far as the programs they offer.

....and finally we have some pictures for you. Here are two pictures Jimi took on his trip: the rock with stars he titled "encounter" was taken in Moab

and the lighthouse was. of course, on the west coast and the shot he got when he stumbled through the poison oak.

Also, Click the link to watch his first time laps video. Let me explain - this did not begin as a video at all. This is a set of photographs he took and put together as a video. Remember the old days when we would draw pictures in a small book and flip through them to make them look like a film. I think this is super cool. Jimi did a fabulous job! Enjoy -

Time lapse from California coast from Jim Nicolaus on Vimeo.

That's all for now.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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