Monday, February 22, 2010

So many decisions..

Dear Friends and Family,


With Jimi and Miller being out of town, last week began with scrubbing of the house, which is really "Lorie time", followed by more of Lorie time to dos. By the start of Sunday morning, I was praying for a miracle that Jimi and Miller would just appear somehow; I was lonely and bored. We have gotten so much snow here; it has pretty much not stopped since last Thursday, therefore, I had no desire to go out on Sunday. But, obviously, I did manage to keep busy and survive the day.


Anyhow, I finished several craft projects, took Jennifer to Hooters for supper, played with my new camera, drew every appliance in the Kitchen including the cupboards and counter tops, and had supper with Tammy & Greg. It was a nice week.


On Friday I had the three part second interviews with the design team. That position would really be right up my alley and my personality would be perfect for it, if my future plans were different. I don't have any clue if they will even offer me the job, but it will be hard decision for me, if they do. My skepticism comes from the amount of hours I would be expected to work. One Manager told me they work long hours of 6am conference calls with China and 7pm conference calls with someone else. Another manager told me that by Thursday night most people in the department have 50 hours in. I really don't want to work THAT much. And actually, I'm not sure that I could. I still have to work for Cencorp, which must be a considered factor. Jimi told me not to stress over it and first see what they come back with.


Jimi has called me about two times everyday; he and Miller are doing great and their trip is going very well. Jimi says Miller loves the beach where he can run and sniff for miles. Jimi has, unfortunately, gotten into some poison ivy. That's a double yuck!! And it's been raining a lot. He found a couple of really good marinas further South for us. They are a little more expensive than we had originally hoped for, but still do-able. Today they will go through San Francisco and on up to Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg was our original thought of destination. He will check it out again since he is there. By this evening he should be headed back East. I am hoping he will be home by Wednesday.


It stopped snowing last night sometime; however, it's suppose to start up again about 11am today. I have no clue how much we've gotten, but it's a lot. That's all for now!


Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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