Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

Dear Friends and Family,

I had a great birthday last Monday, though I had a work a 10 hour day at Crocs, it was ok. Jimi took me to dinner where we ordered a smorgasbord of different sushi's and a glass of wine. Then we walked a short distance on the Pearl Street mall, stopped in at the Pearl Street Pub for a few minutes and went home, where we vegged in front of the boob tube until Jimi saw that I could barely hold me eyes open and shoved me off to bed. Earlier, he gave me a dozen red roses, my very own pool cue, and a wonderful card that said it all. Other friends and family embellished me with happy birthdays, cards, and lil' gifts. I could not be blessed with better friends and family. Thanks to all for making my day special.

My parents and 2 great nieces, Brittany and Kristina, arrived from Nebraska on Thursday. Mom worked on the graduation cakes all day on Friday and then we did some shopping. Friday night we all went to the Moose Lodge for live music and pool. We had fun, but Brittany found her new love in the game. Saturday was the big day; we watched Jennifer take the stage at the football stadium where she officially graduated high school and handed her diploma. The afternoon was spent setting up for her open house party and from 3 until 7pm we chatted and greeted guests coming by to congratulate her. Her grandparents from Loveland and from Arizona also attended. It was a true success and a super day for Jenn!

Sunday we took a drive in the mountains stopping along the way, so the kids could climb on large rocks.Later, after supper, we walked around Golden Ponds in Longmont.

Monday we took all to the reservoir where we barbecued and took turns sailing around the lake. We had fun relaxing and enjoying our day. We were so tired from the busy weekend that we all turned in early Monday night.

Mom, Dad, Brittany, and Kristina left Tuesday morning, while I went off to work, and Jimi got back in to his routine at home. It was a fabulous weekend filled with various celebrations.

Allot happened this week from my birthday, family from out of town, Jennifer's graduation, and Memorial day. Next week will be all about working to complete month end for me and then the following week Jimi and I will enjoy a romantic week for two in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are so looking forward to it.

Happy Memorial Day!!
That's all for now.
Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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