Friday, June 11, 2010

Private Jennifer Sullivan, United States Army

Viva Las Vegas,

Our trip to Vegas was fun; we took it kind of easy referring to ourselves as fuddy-duddys as we get older. We concentrated our time on relaxing with shows. We watched the Bellagio fountains in awe several times, and once from the top of the Eiffel Tower, which is 1/2 the size if the real tower in Paris; it gave us a fabulous aerial view of Vegas. The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat was a really nice place to hang out on the grass; quiet with a cool breeze and a nice place to find some serenity even if it was midnight. Leaving the Flamingo we passed a restaurant where we were served $2 burgers and fries between midnight and 6am. Just after we got there the line grew stretching the length the of the restaurant. We enjoyed three afternoons with live music from the "Love Brothers", Michael and Buddy; this was a great spot to sit in the shade, listen to some old soft rock, and enjoy a few cocktails escaping the crowds of people and heat. The lions at the MGM Grand were just that - pretty grand! We were lucky enough to walk under the lions through a glass tunnel as they slept - one of them was drooling - Lol. We relaxed by the hotel pool a couple of mornings reading our books and magazines. We had a spectacular meal at Shanghai Lily in the Mandalay Bay; expensive, but superb! And the highlight of our vacation was the New York Broadway play of The Lion King. The entire show was awe-inspiring with the creativity in the costumes and stage and the actors and actresses as young as 11 or 12 years old. We were stunned by their performances and could have watched the show again and again had we had the chance.

By the fourth day, we had done just about everything we wanted to and were tired of fighting the herds of people down the strip. We avoided the stampedes as much as possible, but it wasn't easy, until time for the airport. Over all, we played one dollar each in the nickel slots and about five dollars each in the penny slots. The only penny slots that treated us well was a couple in the Mandalay Bay. We played on a couple of dollars for almost an hour...... and that was the extent of our gambling.

We had a good time, it was worth the trip, but are glad to be home where it's quiet. I will, however, miss the warm weather and can hardly wait to get to Florida.

Hope all is well with you.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

On another note, we have really big news - while we were away, Jennifer took her written test and physical and was sworn in to the US Army. WewWho! We are so proud of her. She is now property of the US Government (so to speak) and leaves for boot camp on November 14th. She will be working in supply and hopes to get stationed in Spain, Germany, or Hawaii. Boot camp will be in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, just 10 hours away from where Jimi and I will be living in Florida. Job training will take place in Virginia. Yay for Jenn!!! We just cannot express how happy and proud we are!

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