Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventure to Idaho

Hello Friends and Family,

As you already knew from last week's update, we picked Daniel up from the airport Monday night. He's tall and skinny, just like his grandpa. He was on crutches due to his broken toe and his foot was all bandaged up.

Anyhow, Jimi and Daniel spent Tuesday morning working on Jennifer's car and when I got off work at noon, Daniel and I went shopping. That evening, we went to the Moose for their Tuesday night burgers and a few games of pool.

Wednesday, Daniel and Jimi spent the day four wheelin in Left Hand Canyon and doing Daniel's Senior pictures. That evening we packed and loaded Jennifer's car for their trip and then had dinner at the Armadillo. The kids left about 7:30 pm stopping in Loveland to visit their grandparents for a couple of hours. They actually hit the road at 9:30pm for Idaho. They felt it would be better to drive all night to keep the engine cooler and because Jenn does not have air conditioning in her car.

On Thursday, at the Idaho exit and an hour from Weiser the rear passenger tire blew out. No worries though, as Jennifer had a spare and both kids know how to change a tire. However, one of their dad's friends was close by and came out to assist then. Jennifer was especially tired and both were grumpy. But, all went pretty well. They are in Weiser, at their dad's house safe and sound.They arrived about 3:30pm on Thursday.

Jimi and I took it easy any did things around the house Thursday and Friday. However, Saturday was a full day for us. We had to be in Mead to do some repairs Saturday morning, then went to Vicki's house for a BBQ and pool party from 2pm until 6pm. Our friends Brad and Ellen joined us. That evening the four of us went to the red neck races. They were over by 9:30, which after a busy day was nice to have an early evening. We had a great day with friends!

Between 10:30pm Saturday night and 7am Monday morning, I slept 20 hours. We aren't sure why I was so tired, but I definately feel better now.

Movies we watched this week were Monsters, Inc., SeaBiscuit, and Star Trek.

Daniel had surgery this morning on his toe. He's awake and somewhat coherant. He'll be going home soon.

All is well.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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