Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Water, a wedding, and a pinkie toe

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a lot happening all around us last week. Jimi painted the fence connecting the house to the garage. Now it matches the fence around the front of the house and looks great. He also kept busy with small miscellaneous things in preparation for our move. I received the inspection report back from my house. I am happy to report that everything listed on it was minor. The most significant thing was the concern for the age of the furnace, even though it still works well. In any case, the buyers are still happy with the house and the closing will continue to move forward. The closing date is now scheduled for August 23rd.

I met my friend Brenda for coffee after work on Wednesday; we had a wonderful visit. And of course, my days were filled with Crocs and many of my evenings we filled with Cencorp.

Jimi and I tried to get over to the Moose lodge to play pool, but it's was too hard, as we were so busy; nor have we even had time to get groceries and are about down to having to eat our emergency can on spam. Ha-ha

Friday, we went to my house in Mead to do some yard work. I had not been out there in several weeks and the place was a wreck. We pulled a lot of weeds and set up sprinklers on timers to keep the grass green. I still need to take the mower over for some more maintenance.

We spent the entire day on Saturday with Brad and Ellen Cole for their 3rd annual Water World Cabana experience. Ellen injured her back the day before and was unable to ride the rides, but we managed with the wave pool and the lazy river. Regardless, I think we had a better time relaxing in the cabana with everyone present, rather then standing in crowded lines. A total of four couples and three children attended. It was a great time.

Jenn participated in a live "swearing in" performance at Invesco field on Saturday night. We were suppose to attend, but got delayed and missed it. She said there were about 60+ new soldiers there. I'm sad that we didn't get to see it.

Sunday was the big day for Tammy and Gregg. We spent the entire day at the ranch for their wedding. As Tammy's matron of honor, I was the first to arrive to help her with the final preparations. Tammy, Casey (her daughter), Jennifer, and I had an awesome time getting ready together in the bride's room. The ceremony was simple and informal. We signed the marriage license during the ceremony; I thought this was a nice touch. But, the highlight was when Greg and Tammy released two doves in the sky during the ceremony. Beautiful! It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. The food at the reception was excellent and I just can't say enough - it was a spectacular day. The sound guy had some issues with his equipment, but Jimi saved the day by fixing everything. Tammy gave me a beautiful heart necklace engraved with "A true friend reaches for you hand and touches your heart".
It was wonderful.

Ok, now for some sad news. Daniel dropped the hitch of a trailer loaded with a riding lawn mower on his foot Friday afternoon and internally severed his right pinkie toe. The toe is still attached by almost all the outer skin, but inside the bone is broke in two and the skin is all that is holding it on. They tried several times to set the toe for healing, but were unsuccessful and had irritated it so much that it was swollen as large as his big toe. They ended up sending him home to let the swelling go down. He'll go back to the doctor the end of the week to try to set it again. If they are not able to set it, they will do surgery and put pins in it.

Daniel's visit to Colorado from Aug 2nd through Aug 16 almost got cancelled because of his broken toe, however, I was able to compromise the situation. Daniel flew out as scheduled; Jimi and I picked him up yesterday. He and Jennifer will drive her car to Idaho getting him home in time for the doctor on Friday. Jimi and I were very excited to see him, even if it is for only two days.

And finally - today, August 3rd is Jimi's father's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!
Whew - this was a busy week!

That's all for now. Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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