Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pizza Delivery Driver

Dear Friends and Family,

This trip to McAllen has been quite different for me. Normally, I am on my own after working in the office all day. However, now we have so many people in from out of town and we are all staying at the same hotel. So of course, meet up after work for social time. I have not been able to do much reading; however, I have managed to get in at least 1 hour per day in the gym. The gym equipment here is state of the art. Each piece of equipment has a full TV (with cable) on it. I plug my headphones in and go to town spending up to an hour and 15 minute on the treadmill alone. I am so spoiled. We've gone to BJ's bar and grill twice, the Cracker Barrel, a few other places. Over the weekend Tom, Gerardo and I spent the day on South Padre Island. We ate sea food on the pier, which was on bay side of the island. We walked the beach on the Gulf side of the island and did some shopping. Sunday, we went to the Rio Grande Outlet Malls near McAllen. These outlet malls are nothing like the ones in Colorado. They are much larger; however, I did not find the prices all that great. And that would be because I am NOT a name brand shopper. For those who are name brand shoppers, this is the place for them. It was really nice to get out there and see the shops and walk in the warm weather.

It's fun being in the office again with my co-workers, but still not quite the same as it was in Longmont. Still I am enjoying my time with them.

Jimi started a part time pizza delivery job for a little family owned place in North Boulder. He works Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. This is so great for him. It will give him a little something to do, while we wait.

Jimi tells me we had a showing on the house on Saturday. It is too early for feedback at this point though.

Jimi went to Juraj's house Friday night. The two friends hung out at the house and then got up early Saturday morning and had a fabulous time with back country snowboarding. They did about 12 runs or so. I'm so glad he got out and had a good time.

I will be in Texas another two weeks. We are so busy here and getting off work on time has been a challenge.

I finally got a letter from Jennifer. Just as I suspected, it was hard for her to get back in to the groove, but I know she will overcome it. Lots of prayers directed her way in a major help. I've attached a picture of Jenn at basic coming out of the gas chamber. She said alot of soldiers were vomiting when they came out. Yuck - I don't want to do the gas chamber.

That's all for now.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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