Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Friends & Family,

It was a busy week and not just because of our upcoming move.

Jennifer celebrated her 20th birthday on May 2nd. Her, Tim, and I went to dinner and then spent the evening at Tammy's house in Mead.

Wednesday was the inspection on the house and by Friday we had received the results. Everything went well and we don't have to fix anything. The only request was the buyers would like to keep the dresser in the bathroom. Fine by us - that's just one less piece of furniture we have to move. :-)

Jimi and I had our last special dinner in Colorado on Wednesday night at Japango. Somehow, the sushi just didn't seem as good to us though. Anyhow, it was nice to get away from the house and not think about things for a while.

Jimi went in to work Thursday night, which was suppose to be his last night; however, he had already been replaced. He was happy about that and came back home.

My parents, sister, and great niece came to visit for the weekend arriving on Thursday night. We stayed up until 2am visiting - tired but fun.

On Friday, we had a private and quaint wedding ceremony in the park for Jennifer and Tim. That evening we celebrated with a private dinner/reception at her friend, Aara's house.

Jimi cooked breakfast for those awake on Saturday morning, we did some shopping that afternoon, and Saturday night we went to the Colorado National Speedway aka red neck races. Friends Brad, Ellen, Glenn O, Janka, and Juraj met us there. We had a great time and when the evening was over saying goodbye the Brad and Ellen was tough. They'll just have to come visit us on our boa now. :-)

My family left Sunday morning. Jimi and I tackled the garage getting a lot done. We also managed to clear out nearly all the furniture in the house except for what Jennifer is taking. We are left with no chairs to sit in or tables to sit at. We each still have our desks though. I've been packing what I can. I don't think we are too pressed on time, though we only have a week and two days left. I think we are right on schedule.

Jennifer and Tim took me to dinner Sunday night for Mother's Day. It was really nice of them and I enjoyed my steak.

The appraisal was done this morning. We should get results tomorrow.

Anyhow, that's all for now. HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY


Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi


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