Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy and Homeless:

Hello all,

The week is over, the closing is done, and a new week is upon us. The appraisal came back well within the contract price and we were happy with that. As time went by, we planned and calculated, and though we were right on track and had plenty of time, yet at times we got a sense of panic to get everything done. The real panic set in when we realized we didn't have enough room to take everything we had planned.

We had a fabulous going away get together at a local pizzeria and pub on Wednesday night. The turn out was excellent; the hugs never ended and the tears ran off and on throughout the evening.

Jennifer and Tim came over Thursday night to help us load the truck, trailer, and car. We decided to load the bed as well and sleep on the floor just to get that much more ahead. As I mentioned earlier, we quickly realized we had too much stuff and we began giving more away.

The closing was scheduled for 10am on Friday morning. We were ready and sitting around the empty house about 9:15 when Jimi decided to take St. Joseph (buried in the front yard) as a souvenir. He was having difficulty finding where he was buried, but during this exploration he received a phone call from our Realtor saying the closing had been pushed to 1pm because the buyer's funds/paperwork weren't ready. Jimi decided instantly not to mess with St. Joseph. :-) As far as we were concerned, this was a close call and a warning. Lol - JK. Now we had an additional three hours to find something to do. We walked to Cafe Luna for a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee.

The closing was delayed a little longer, but we did get through it and all went as expected. We were finally able to get on the road for Nebraska about 3pm. The six hour trip went well. I-76 was quite rough and the trailer bounced around a bit, but Jimi is a great driver and knew how to handle it. Molly cat did extremely well in the car. She found a few places to ride, either on a pillow looking out the window or perched on the console between the front seats. She rode like a pro; concerned yet content. We arrived at mom and dad's about 10:30pm central time.

Saturday we unloaded the truck, trailer, and car in to dad's garage and began going through more boxes to get rid of more stuff. Neither one of us want to drive all the way to Florida so loaded down that we can't drive comfortably. We'll continue the process through the week.

Daniel is moving to Alaska with his father. They leave on June 4th. We'll be there Memorial Day weekend for his graduation.

Jennifer and Tim are doing well. They've got their little basement room fixed up real cute. Tim is still waiting on his transfer paperwork to go through and as soon as that does, he'll be able to seek permanent employment. Due to our busy schedule, Jimi hasn't had time to post process the pictures of Jen and Tim's wedding. We'll get those out just as soon as we are able.

Anyhow, things are going well for all of us. We will write more in a week or so and hope all is well with you.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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