Friday, June 3, 2011

Daniel's Graduation

Dear Friends and Family,

The last two weeks in Nebraska have been productive and a great time to visit with family. We've been really busy and have gotten more done than we ever expected. Jimi and Dad took a load of furniture to Bonnie (my niece) in Lincoln. We also moved all of her stuff out of our storage unit and to my sisters house. Then we moved our storage items from my sisters basement into our storage unit with our LTD. Jimi stretched the legs on the LTD one afternoon. We unloaded the truck, trailer, and car; went through things to get rid of more stuff, as we were too overloaded. We repacked things and reloaded all the vehicles for our trip. Jimi was able to finish post processing Jennifer's wedding pictures, We attended a couple of Brittany's softball games; that was fun. We spent time with my Nephew Jason, his wife Angie, and their daughter Amaya.

Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Tim, Marie, and I went to Daniel's graduation in Idaho. It took us 21 hours driving straight through to get there and 23 hours back home. We spent two and a half days with Daniel. It was a really great time. The graduation ceremony was nice and the party his dad threw was nice. All three sets of grandparents were there, including us. Jimi tried to ride out on his motorcycle. He got as far as Rawlings, WY and had to turn around. The combinations of high winds, rain, and 40 degree temperatures were more than he could handle. We really missed him, but we understood. Daniel is now on his way to Alaska; he arrives tomorrow.

Jimi and I are ready for our three day drive to Florida. We'll leave in the morning and are expecting to arrive in Cape Coral Monday evening. We have a place lined up for one week. This should give us enough time to find an apartment or something, and if not, we'll extend our stay in Cape Coral.

Please say a little prayer for our safe travels. I'll try to write again early next week with another update.

Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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