Sunday, June 12, 2011

No longer homeless

Dear Friends and Family,

We accomplished so much this week and are way ahead of where we thought we would be now. We immediately began looking for places to rent, or Jimi did anyhow, while I worked. We set up an appointment on Wednesday to look at a three bedroom, two bath house and ended up signing a 6 month lease on the spot. The place is quite run down, but the price is incredible and we know it's temporary. We spent the weekend cleaning and doing repairs. We were suppose to be able to move in on Saturday, but the town turned the water off because their 'water leak indicator' showed that something was turned on. We'll have them come back out on Monday, and hopefully all will be well and we can move in.
The previous tenants left some old junky furniture, but Jimi and I have gone through it and basically with some paint and creativity will be able to utilize all of it.We bought a small cute kitchen table and some old kitchen chairs. We'll paint and recover the kitchen chairs to our liking. Our bed will be made from an old entertainment center for the frame, covered by a piece of plywood, and our futon. We'll then make bed tables with boxes and plywood cut to fit the shape. We need to get some fabric coverings for the bed tables and a couple of used bed lamps. We found a free patio table on the side of the road, and our bed n breakfast host gave us some patio chairs. All we are missing right now are a couple of comfy chairs for the living room and a dresser. I saw some free dressers on Craig's List, so we'll check in to those. And until we can get some chairs for the living room, we'll use our Coleman camping chairs. We're thinking we'll go ahead and buy a cheap/used washer and dryer set to avoid the laundry mat.

Jimi took me out and about each evening after I got off work. It's different here, but I like it. I love the weather. It's hot, but right now it agrees with me. Currently the priority has been to get settled in the house, but Jimi has also been searching for boats. He's found a few good prospects and is hoping to be able to get out on his motorcycle next week to see them first hand.

Friday night Jimi took me to Sanibel Island. While sitting on the beach he presented me with a diamond ring buried in shells and asked me if I would marry him. I was shocked and speechless.I said yes of course, and I am thrilled; we are both thrilled. If we can get some family and friends out here, we'll do a ceremony on the beach with leis, a BBQ, and beverages in shorts and flip flops; Brad, get your Hawaiian shirts back out - Lol.We are thinking November, as the weather should be in the high 70s. If it doesn't look like we'll have guests, we'll have a private ceremony on August 30th. More info to come.....

That's all for now.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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