Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today we went to Sam's Club and Walmart to provision. We only bought non perishables that will last us for four months (17 weeks).

All  cardboard had to be removed before we boarded Sanibel; everything down to the macaroni and cheese had to be removed from the box and placed in individual sandwich baggies. Toilet paper had to be bagged to keep the moisture out and the names of the canned food had to be written on the tops with a sharpie, so when the label falls off because of moisture we'll know what it is. Nearly everything had  to be placed in zip lock bags to either break into a smaller container or to keep it dry from the salt water air.

It was a  long day. When all is said and done it took us ten hours going non stop.

I'm beat!

              4 Month Provisioning (17 weeks)
Mac and Cheese12 boxes
Corn chips5 bags
Hot coco1 box
rice25 lbs
pasta12 packages
red sauce9 cans
white sauce9 cans
peanuts13 lbs
peanut butter6 large jars
coffee beans6- 12oz packages
Ritz15 tubes
trail mix3 large bags
graham crackers3 boxes
breakfast drink1 box
cream of wheat3 boxes
hot tea1 box
soups18 cans
canned peaches4 cans
canned pears4 cans
canned mixed fruit4 cans
canned mandarine oranges4 cans
canned corn8 cans
canned peas8 cans
Canned asparagus8 cans
canned green beans12 cans
canned tuna6 cans
canned chicken5 cans
bisquick4 boxes
Salsa4 jars
cereal2 boxes
mayo3 bottles
ketchup3 bottles
mustard1 bottle
Dry Milk9 gallons
Instant potatoes1 box
flour40 lbs
sugar5 lbs
baking powder1 can
baking soda3 boxes
salt1 large container
pepper1 large container
Johnson's Baby shampoo30 oz
mouthwash1 bottle
toothpaste4 tubes
Ibuprofen3 bottles
Olive oil1 large
instant yeast2 medium packages
Toilet paper36 rolls
Paper towels12 commercial rolls
Powdered Gator-aid1 large container
Heavy duty Freezer bags (gallon)4 boxes
Heavy duty Freezer bags (quart)4 boxes
Vegetable oil1 large container
corn meal1 package
Oatmeal2 containers
Vanilla1 large
Food saver bags1 economy package
Kleenex3 boxes
Cat Liter32 lbs
Camping egg holders1
Granola  barsbox of 60


  1. Uh oh. You forgot the wine.

  2. Can't forget the wine; I have a large bottle I'm working on, and I'll buy more before we leave the States. :-)