Friday, March 1, 2013

Times to Cherish

Dear Friends and Family,
We had a good week and visit with Daniel; unfortunately, he left Wednesday flying back to his home in Alaska. However, his flight from Tampa was an hour and a half late leaving causing him to miss his connection in Houston. The airline put him in a hotel for the night, gave him food vouchers for supper, breakfast and lunch then bumped him to first class for his remaining flights to Anchorage. I haven't heard from him yet, but he should be home by now.

We kept pretty busy during most of his week visit, but the last few days we were in island time and did much of nothing at all. He was able to experience a gnarly day on the water with us, which is almost a must to get the full experience of being a live aboard. We're so happy he came to visit.

We have some new boat neighbors anchored next to us. We're planning to visit with them soon, but what we know so far is they have been full time live aboards for eight years and love it. I am excited to talk to them at length for some good advise and experience stories. We'll let you know what we find out.

We had plans to set sail for the Dry Tortugas Thursday or Friday, but had a slight set back when the wind generator broke and Jimi had to order parts for it before we leave. Now, the plan is to leave mid week of next week.

We sold the pick up on Monday, so we are now strictly on foot or by dingy. - does this make it any more official? It does in my daughters eyes. When I told her the news she said "this means you are really going". I chuckled a little while feeling her emotional pain. We are hoofing it to the grocery store this morning before the cold front comes in this weekend.

I spent much of Wednesday tying up lose ends with Cencorp. Working on the thirteenth year, my days with the company are finally coming to an end. And yesterday we went through Sanibel to do some major reorganizing and cleaning.

Attached are a few pictures:

one of Daniel and Jimi in the cockpit,

 one comparing Daniel's new tattoo with Jimi's and

one of a small patch of rain that come through a few days ago.

I'll write again next week and hopefully soon we will have some pictures for you and some long awaited 'interesting' posts.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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