Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bahama Bound

 Dear Friends and Family,

Nothing too much has happened in the last week. Our main focus has been to keep a close eye on the weather for our chance to leave.  Fifty-five mph winds whipped through our anchorage last weekend. The wind hit our beam hard, abruptly waking us at 3am. This lasted about ten minutes and the rest of the weather band gave us a good old fashioned thunder storm and a first class lightening show.

Jimi has kept busy with various projects, as there are always projects. I’ve kept busy with my daily cleaning routine and my own projects. Otherwise, we’ve ventured out and about on occasion. Sporadically we’ve had some problems with our oven staying ‘hot’. Jimi fiddled with it for several days and finally got it working (fingers crossed). He asked me to bake something to test it. I baked peanut butter cookies and took some to our boat neighbor Skip, as well as Tom & Colleen.

As the plan stands now we are departing Marathon tomorrow (let us hope the weather doesn’t change its mind). If we do leave, keep track of us on the “Where are We?” tab of our blog: I’ll write again as soon as we are able to renegade some internet. Our course will take us around the North side of Andros Island in the Bahamas where we will check into customs at Morgan’s Bluff and then South where we’ll drop an anchor towards the mid-east portion of Andros Island. We’ll cross the tongue of the ocean to the Bahama’s exuma chain and make our way south east, island hoping. We’ll use of this time to practice our routine and sailing drills.

I was able to include a few pictures.

First is a picture of Tom, Colleen and us, friends we’ve spent some time with during our three weeks here. They had planned to also sail to Morgan’s Bluff and the talk included us making the passage together. However, their plans have unexpectedly changed and they are headed back to Tampa; we will miss their company.

Second is a picture of Lorie next to the tiki hut and dinghy dock.

Third is Lorie and Captain Jack. Captain Jack is the Marathon City Marina’s mascot, if you will. He is 91 years old and lives on his sailboat on the dock. He picks flowers off the trees and gives one (or more) to a lucky lady of his choice every day. He said he landed here is 1952 and has been here since. Yesterday we found out that residents and visitors often bring Captain Jack food and goodies. I wished I had know earlier, I would have given him some peanut butter cookies or made him some Hawaiian sweet breadL 

We enjoy hearing from all of you. We welcome and encourage your comments and questions. Let us know what you would like to read about; and what pictures/videos you enjoy the most.

Happy sailing and love everybody!
Lorie and Jimi

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