Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Goodbye Georgetown

Dear Friends and Family,

I promised more on Georgetown and here it is. Jimi and Eric spent several hours with their machetes collecting firewood for our barbeque. Randy saw their efforts from his boat and came over to join the collection process. No one else showed up for the barbeque, as we suspected might and that’s ok. We had a fabulous barbeque, potluck and bonfire with wonderful friends Randy, Eric, Sandrine, Rudy and Jill. We filled our bellies and hovered around a large beach bon fire while stretched out on lawn chairs.

We all did our own thing the following day. Jimi and I first hiked to a monument at the top of a hill, name Monument Hill, and then spent some time at the beach on the east side of the island. Retrieving his Hawaiian sling from Sanibel, Jimi snorkeled trying to spear a fish for dinner, while I collected miniature sea shells.

With Eric and Sandrine planning the leave the next day, we all joined them on their catamaran for the dreaded goodbye. It was bittersweet – bitter because we do not want to part and sweet because it’s exciting to move on. We wish them the best and know we will see them again someday.

We’ve had a couple of still, hot, muggy nights in the cabin making it hard to sleep. Jimi likes to sleep in the cockpit in these conditions, which is what he did one recent night. When he woke up the next morning, laying on a nearby cockpit cushion with big eyes staring at him was a squid about ten inches in length. How the heck it got on the boat we have not a clue. Surely it could not have jumped out of the water landing in the cockpit. That would be about a fifteen foot leap. But who knows; it was dead and now resides in our refrigerator to be used as fish bait.

We spent the next few days walking around town, buying yet more groceries, filling our water tanks and taking pictures. Here is a picture of a lady making a basket out of palm fronds at the Straw Market; her name is Sherry.

Jimi helped Randy fix his auto pilot, which has been broke for several months now. Nearly a must item for a single handed cruiser. We never thought we’d see the day when Randy was giddy – but we saw it. He was so happy and grateful. He spent the next two evenings visiting with us on Sanibel and then we had to say our goodbyes to him too, as we were preparing to depart Georgetown. However, we are certain we will meet up with Randy again. It’s inevitable being that we’ve bumped into him every other place we’ve landed.

We didn't go far today; only fifteen miles dead in to the wind. Motoring the entire afternoon brought an unpleasant passage. We are now in Hog Cut Cay for the night. At high tide (6:30 am) we'll be able to get through Hog Cut and begin our journey down through the Jumentos.

We’ll spend the next few weeks in secluded Bahamian islands we are told are the most beautiful. The fishing and conch is supposed to be beyond plentiful, which will be our only source of meat for meals. Jimi can practice his spear fishing skills.

That’s all I’ve got right now. We wanted to make a clean break when we left Georgetown…..I’ll write again when I am able.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Happy Independence Day to you!

Love everyone,

Lorie & Jimi

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