Sunday, December 22, 2013

Photo post from Key West

Happy holidays to all. Jimi and I have been busy trotting all over Key West snapping photographs. Here are a few.

_MG_5669Jimi’s photo of the Episcopal church.

_MG_5749a These flowers cover the trees all over Key West.

Jimi took this photo of a house framed by luscious palm trees.

_MG_5906 The pelicans fly close to the water’s surface always ready to dive for their next meal.

_MG_5912 Tall ships taking the tourist out for a sunset cruise.

Jimi was able to capture this tall ship at sunset.

A pelican swallowing his food. Look closely and you can see the little fish jumping around in his mouth and the droplets of water flying through the air as he waves his beak.

Key West Truck This is a very common shot from Key West. An old truck in front of a local establishment covered with stickers.

Here we are on the southern most point of the U.S.

A local artist creates these life size, realistic sculptures. They are placed all around Key West.

Lorie took this photo of the stained glass inside the Episcopal church.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A flower eager to bloom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Side view of a residence in Key West.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         An old Key West building with a lot of history.

Roosters, chickens and their chicks run free through the streets of Key West.

Riding around town on bicycles.

A live nativity at the Methodist church.

A Christmas tree made from crap floats and lights.

Here’s an idea – use a bathtub as a pond and fountain filled with fish.

Annual Holiday classic car show in Key West.

This pelican smiles and says “happy holidays to you and your family”.

Jimi & Lorie

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