Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life on the Sea

We wanted to share a poem with you that our dear friend Bob wrote for us the morning we left St. Petersburg.

"Life On The Sea
I woke up this morning and you were there. Just made coffee and you were gone. 
From the foredeck I watched Sanibel round the pier; disappear into the early morning sun: 
Life on the sea.
We cast our lines with our lives into the hands of friends we’ve never met. 
Then, part with friends we’ll never more forget. Such sweet sorrow: 
Life on the sea.
I bid you fair winds and many friends, as you have been to me. 

Till we meet again my friends, in this Life upon the sea…


We thank Bob for such a special gift! We'll see you again, my friend.

Jimi & Lorie

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