Sunday, May 31, 2020

Yard work and a deck - finally!

 The effects of covid are still in full force and the word is now that it won't get better anytime soon and in fact they are expecting things to get much worse. I've even heard talk of it lasting years....oh wow - I hope not.

I'm still in isolation however with the weather warming up I've been spending time outside always with a mask on though. And I can see my family now, but only outside with a mask on and six feet away.

Jimi has been picking up the groceries at Hogelands and spraying everything with rubbing alcohol when he brings it home. I'm guessing people are stocked up on toilet paper because people aren't buying as much and we've been able to stock up.

Jimi has really dove in to the renovations. He's working on the railing on the stairs and the loft. 

After three summers I've finally convinced him to build or let me build a deck out back. I was determined I could do it all myself. We figured up the design together, made a supply list and a plan. Jimi got all the supplies from Menards and I began digging the holes.

After I got the holes dug, he came out and helped - so really he built the deck and I was a hand. I'm so grateful.

I also made a small flower garden off the end of the deck. Both turned out so pretty.

I added another flower garden on the North East corner of the building.

Before building the deck and adding these gardens I helped my mother, who lives next door, take our some gardens and she gave me the bricks. They turned out so nice.

Jennifer gave me a bunch of flowers for Mother's Day.

Jimi and I drove the LTD to Norton for cruise night. It was just a way to have a no contact outing. It was nice.

After we finished the back yard, I started on the South West corned of the front yard. I started by trimming the lilac bush.

We finally decided to remove the old school marquee sign for church services. It was a big job, but Jimi tackled it.

I got in to making some homemade bread. Yum!

I made my first Tutu with success and am adding the item to my booth.

Jim bought a canoe.

Since we couldn't have a birthday party or a memorial day bbq. I made myself cupcakes.

Jimi got a customized mask.

It was a very good month; we got a lot done.

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