Monday, June 29, 2020

Lookin' good


Not a lot is different in June then it was in May. I continue to work in the yard and Jimi moves around between renovation projects.

My girlfriend, Brenda from Colorado mailed me a very nice gift.

My parents bought me a beautiful rose bush for my garden.

After I finished trimming the lilac bush, I dug  along the edge of the house, added weed barrier and laid rock. It looks so much better. Good decision.

Mom and I went the the local nursery and I bought flowers for my pots.

I'm trying to fill this corner with iris'. This is turning out to be ALOT of work!

Jimi is still trying to get rid of this pile of brick salvaging what he can.

And I'm still planting and dressing up this corner garden.

My pots on the deck.

This was a fire pit in the ground, but my parents didn't want it anymore, so we dug it and I planted grass. 

We found the PERFECT clawfoot tub for our master bath. Jimi drove to Denver to pick it up.

Jimi installed a proper apartment size kitchen. So happy about this.

And we found an old school bicycle for me at an estate sale.

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