Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trees do not belong on trucks!

Hello All,


It was tough going to work last Monday. I had no umph or desire to go in, but after putzing around the house for a while in the morning, I went to work, and as usual made it through the day.  After work I ran a few errands and then met Jimi, Connie, and Rex (our friends) for supper at TGI Fridays. We visited, laughed, and ate. It was fun to see Connie again.


Tuesday after work I had an appointment with Kaplan University. I can continue to go to school for my bachelors degree, but have decided against it. It's too expensive, and I do not want to rack up anymore student loans. Front Range Community College approved my appeal; therefore, I can continue going to school there and earn and second associates degree, but again I'm not so sure it's worth getting further in debt. least for now, I am done with college - my associates degree will have to do. Maybe someday I will go back - who knows.


Rest of Tuesday and Wednesday evening I worked on my bathroom, did yard work, laundry, cleaned and know...all the normal stuff.


Thursday I had planned to clean and organize the garage. I worked on it about two hours when Jimi came over. He wanted to cut the dead branches off the big tree in the back yard with the chain saw. The dead part just happen to be the original big main part of the tree. It was dead or dying and sucking the life out of rest of the tree. Now there are three things that I know of in which Jimi loves more than me: his dog, his truck, and his motorcycles. Knowing how much he loves his truck, I was quite surprised twhen he wasn't livid when the tree fell on his truck.  :-o I felt real bad about it, but he shrugged his shoulders and said "shit happens, at least no one was hurt". His truck will be fine. He needs a new driver side mirror and fender. His door would not open at first and he had fun imitating the dukes of hazard for a while - but after some pounding, he got it to open and close.

Anyhow, we chopped the tree up enough to move it off the grass, I cleaned up the mess in the yard and we called it a night.


Friday after work, Daniel and I hopped in the car and headed to Nebraska for Father's Day weekend. Saturday we hung out with my dad in Kearney, helped him work on computers, and talked with Jimi over Skyp with the web cam. It was a short trip, but well worth it. I did a lot of crocheting while Daniel drove to and from Nebraska.


Sunday: Daniel and I returned home to get ready for another week. I planted some bulbs in my garden that Jimi had given me a couple of weeks ago. I sat on my back patio grilling burgers and drinking margaritas. The weekend was pretty quick, but it was relaxing.


And here another week is upon us. I don't have any plans this week really. I'm beginning to feel like things have come to a halt with the word 'boring' written all over it. I will have to change that. I am thinking about joining the volleyball team again and maybe going to the Bit of Billiards for pool on Tuesday nights with a friend. Anyhow, just some things I am tossing around in my brain. I will keep you posted.


Hope all is well and you all have a good week.


Love everybody,


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