Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Weekend

Hello Everybody,


All is well here in Colorado.


When Jimi came home from his trip he had a lot of homework to do, so he was busy with that all day Monday and most of Tuesday. I worked on finishing the wood floors on my stairs Monday evening.

Tammy Reasoner called me Monday night to let me know that her divorce was final that morning. It was not scheduled that way, but when they saw the judge he said it had been long enough and should be done. The judge sided with Tammy on the division of debt, house, etc. I don't think Mike it too happy.


Tuesday evening Jenn and I went to Hooters with my girlfriend, Brenda. Jennifer got picked up on by a 17 year old Loveland High School Senior. It was flattering and lots of fun. She kind of shrugged it off, in fact, I was more flattered than she was. Brenda and I were jealous. We were wondering why we haven't been picked up on - after all we aren't that old. Just kidding - I don't want to get picked up unless by Jimi. Anyhow, we had fun. After Hooters, Jenn and I packed our bags, loaded the dogs, and went to Jimi's for the night. We watched the new movie "What Happens in Vegas". It was funny. Jimi liked it too, but commented on the typical chic flick scenario of something bad happening and then living happily ever after. He suggested that we skip the bad stuff and just live happily ever after.


Since Jenn and the dogs were already at Jimi's on Wednesday, we went to dinner when I got off work and then met the girls to walk to dogs around the lake. We walked 3 miles that evening. Jimi, Jenn, and I went to Dairy Queen except I didn't have anything. We went home to Mead afterwards.


I had the day off from work on Thursday. Jennifer had a doctor appointment and a dentist appointment. I had a doctor appointment, an eye appointment, a dentist appointment and an appointment with my mortgage broker. Nothing like knocking everything out in one day. It was very busy. I received a clean bill of health from my medical Doctor. She heard some unusual weezing in my lungs and ordered a chest x-ray, but then cancelled it saying she thinks it is coming from my head area rather than my chest area. The lab took four tubes of blood for various tests and it will take a couple of weeks for the results. My eye Doctor reported that my eyes have not changed in the past year. He dialated them, so I couldn't see anything rest of the day. The dentist was not such great news. I have three surface cavities. Good news was that I had no plaque build up, which is somewhat unusual. Jennifer was given a clean bill of health from both the dentist and medical Doctor. Oh ya, Jennifer and I each had to have a shot. And I signed all the paperwork with my mortgage broker - so keep your prayers coming and finger crossed.That evening I was supposed to workon Cencorp stuff for the auditors, but I was lazy. Actually I'm not sure what I did. I was up late too.


Friday was a long boring day at work. I was really depressed. My co-worker, Vicki, took half a day off and other co-worker, Qiana was busy and had no time to goof off. So, I sat at my desk all day (10 hrs) listening to my music and trying to look busy. I actually do not have work to do on Friday's. it is a day reserved for problem reports or special projects and I didn't have any that day. Friday evening, Jennifer went out with her friends. The dogs and I stayed at Jim's house. We watched a movie called "Reservoir Dogs". He referred to it as a man flick. It was good.


Saturday morning we took the dogs for a walk and then went to breakfast at a small family owned restruarnt on main street. It reminded us of the diners in eastern Colorado and Nebraska. We took the dogs for a walk and then I went home for a while. We went to Greeley at 5pm for Brenda's suprise 50th birthday party. We didn't stay very long: had a few beers and a plate of food, then left. We went back to Jimi's house for the night. Jimi and I played battleship and then had a pillow fight.


Sunday morning Jimi and I climed Mt Sinedas in Boulder. It was a small climb/hike of only 1200 feet, 3 miles and only took 2 hours, but I really enjoyed it. That afternoon Jenn, Jimi and I took the tubes a little ways down the Boulder Creek. The water was low and rough. It was fun at first, but then Jennifer and I each got caught in an under current and couldn't get our head above water for (what seemed like minutes) but I know it was only about 15 - 20 seconds. We both panicked a bit. Needless to say - we left after that. We went to the Sunset pool in Longmont and actually had a great time. Jennifer laid out while Jimi and I went down this awesome slide over and over and over. We were flying and would hit the water so hard that I had to hold my top on each time, and Jimi lost the stuff from his swim suit pockets. It was great! Jimi bought us pizza and then Jenn and I went home. I thought I would have slept good last night, but I didn't sleep much at all.


Anyhow, that's the jist of it. Hope all is well with you.

Love Everybody,


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