Monday, July 21, 2008

On the Road Again....

Hello all,


I worked four 10 hour days last week, so I would have Friday off. It is a new program Crocs has offered their employees during the summer months. 10 hours days can be hard though.


Monday after work I had to go home and work for Cencorp and then I went to bed at 9pm.


Tuesday after work I went to Boulder and climbed Mt Sanitas again, by myself this time. Afterwards I went home to clean house a little, wrap up some Cencorp work and pack a bag for Jimis. The dogs, Jenn, and I stayed at his house but didn't get there until bed time, so we didn't get to visit.


Wednesday after work Jimi, Jennifer, and I went to dinner and then walked the dogs around the 3 mile lake. After wards we went to Sonic for ice cream and then went home.


I had planned to climb Mt Sanitas again after work, but the weather called for a 50% chance of thunderstorms, so I decided against it; I don't think it even sprinkled - figures, huh?. I went home to pack for our weekend trip, took my bags to Jimis and picked up Miller, then went back home.


Jimi and I left around 8:30am Friday morning on the motorcycle for South Dakota. Jennifer stayed at the house with the dogs. She had some friends stay with her and Tammy Reasoner checked on her from time to time.

Our weekend trip was incredible. It took us about 6 hours to get to our camp spot. Our first stop was in Torrington, WY to get fuel and some lunch. We made two other stops before we arrived at Custer National Park. We saw one Buffalo, Antelope all along the road - they didn't seem to care that we were there, and a heard of Donkeys taking their time down the middle of the road. Our camp spot was really nice. Our first night, we set up the tent, built a nice fire, did a little hiking and exploring, and drank a few cocktails.


Saturday morning after cooking breakfast on the grill and taking showers, we headed for Mount Rushmore. It was much more than we both expected. We hung out there a while, took pictures, and soaked in the history. Rest of the after noon we just road the incredible curvy mountainous roads. They were perfect for the motorcycle. I think Jimi enjoyed it and I know I really did - like a free bird. Jimi stopped along the side of the road and we walked down into a valley of tall grasses by a stream. It was beautiful and romantic. We laid there for a while to relax. I've got probably the best picture taken of us together ever. That evening we collected more firewood, went to town for supper and beer. Then we sat around camp playing cards, drinking beer, and being silly (I have a really silly pic of Jimi).


Sunday morning was time to head home. We stopped at Crazy Horse on the way, but didn't pay to go inside. The trip home went much faster than I expected. Of course I cat napped part of the way, so maybe that's why it didn't seem as long. When we got back home, we both took nearly a 2 hour nap - I guess we were tired.

I have attached two pictures for you. One is Mt Rushmore and the other is our shadows going down the highway. We were doing about 70mph. I got a kick out of snapping pics along the way. I thought the silhouettes were kind of cool.


I suppose that's about it. The trip was fantastic and I look forward to more of them now that Jimi has the bike set up for me to be able to ride with him on long distance trips. The back rest he made for me is perfect.


Anyhow, back to work for me and school for Jimi.


Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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