Monday, September 8, 2008

Boxes, furniture, and more boxes



Hello Friends and Family,


To no surprise, this week flew by. As you already figured, I was busy packing and moving. I worked everyday at Crocs, packed and loaded my car, and unloaded it everyday on my way from work. A couple of friends came over on various days to help out.


Jennifer (the lady renting my house) and I finalized the renting details. She will move in the weekend of the 20th. That gives me time to clean and do some repairs.


I received the appraisal back on my house. It is valued at $196k. I like that number much better than the $170k given to me before. Therefore, the refi is under way. Keep your fingers crossed that there are no more glitches.


The auction for my motorcycle ended on Wednesday, and my bike sold for $885.00. I am happy with this price, considering I bought it two years ago paying only $650. Jimi ordered me a new laptop (thank goodness I don't have to mess around with fixing old ones anymore), I paid for my season pass to Eldora Ski Resort, and I pitched in on the purchase of our boat. Jimi thinks we can still find me a bike later providing I still want to ride on my own, and I think I do.


Jimi was busy with getting into his classes this week, as they are still just getting off the ground. He painted and put the new bumper on my car, as well as changed the oil, painted the arms of the windshield wipers, and a few other small things. And of course, he also helped with packing and moving.


The weekend was not our usual fun filled days and nights. We stayed home the first half of Saturday, and I unpacked, organized, and cleaned. I'm almost finished. On Sunday we moved the big furniture, couch, dressers, and lawn furniture. We put my love seat and the chase in his living room and I sold my couch to Tammy R. Jimi's house has a whole new look to it with my furniture in it. It's like a little oasis. We had a wonderful arranging and it decorating it together. We like it. Jimi is hanging some pics for me, and hooks for my plants. He is so sweet.  I am not completely done moving yet. I still have to move my Cencorp office, the garage, and the crawl space.


I talked to Daniel on the phone for a while last week. He is doing very well. He has his own room, likes his school, and currently has a couple of potential jobs lined up. I talked to Jennifer for a while last night. She is also doing very well. She is looking at getting hired at Starbucks, she shares a room with 6 year old Lizzy (Dawn's daughter), and she hates the school. They are looking in to enrolling her into another school though. Both kids are very happy there. Jennifer and I are going to try to keep in better contact.


My tattoo is healing nicely. The weather is turning cooler here fast. Other than those things, there really isn't much new news here. I'll be busy rest of this month before things calm down for me.


On to beginning another busy week. Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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